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Get comprehensive threat detection for your Kubernetes dashboards, pods, management nodes, and clusters

Application, visibility, threat detection, and forensics

Lacework’s Kubernetes security solution provides comprehensive threat detection for dashboards, pods, management nodes, and clusters, in addition to end-to-end security for their public cloud infrastructure workloads, accounts, and containers.

With the rapid adoption of Kubernetes for application and infrastructure orchestration, there’s a corresponding increase in the risk associated with data exposure and vulnerabilities throughout the application lifecycle. Without proper detection of threats, organizations could unwittingly be granting unauthorized access to Kubernetes clusters, applications, and customer data. Lacework identifies the risks and threats for Kubernetes-deployed infrastructures, including publicly exposed and unsecured API servers and management consoles.

Lacework was among the first cloud security vendors to highlight the need for rigorous container security. The company’s original research was published earlier this year in a report titled, Containers at Risk: A Review of 21,000 Cloud Environments

Forensics for Kubernetes
Whether you are triaging an alert or digging into deep details around the cause and effect of a change, Lacework for Kubernetes has all the information. Our SaaS service allows you to go back in time and look at all related events across your Kubernetes infrastructure that may have caused a breach or exposed you to an unknown risk.

Detailed information about your containers, your applications, and your infrastructure are all available and include information related to Kubernetes such as; pods, nodes, labels, namespaces, and all network information. All this information is available both within the UI and from our API.

Lastly, Lacework’s Kubernetes security solution creates hourly Polygraphs which can demonstrate the change of relationships and events over time. This is a critical tool for understanding and triaging your events.

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