Security For The Cloud Generation

Build Fast, Run Fearlessly


Cloud Security at the Speed of Cloud Innovation

Security Observability

The data that defines your cloud security exists. Distill that data into insights to drive your MTT WTF to click-click-goose.

Smoother Audits

Monitor configurations and track every change in the cloud so you can stun your auditors with answers in record time.

Cloud Confidently

Spot the liars, outliers & misconfigurations regardless of what developers adopt. Drive the mean time between horrifying discoveries to zero.

DevFriendly Security

Endless lists of vulnerabilities are a DevSecOps fail. Get data-driven run-time prioritization, self-service APIs, and CI/CD integrations.

Fogless Kubernetes

Pierce the fog of k8s abstraction. Navigate threat detection for Kubernetes, containers, & hosts, without a captain’s license.

Alerts That Don’t Suck

“We like security alerts full of false positives, noisy, and obtuse,” said no security team ever. Skeptical? Challenge Accepted.

Comprehensive, continuous end-to-end security for workloads, containers, users, Kubernetes, and cloud accounts running in multicloud environments

Lacework is the industry’s first solution to bring automation, speed, and scale to cloud security enabling enterprises to safely innovate in the cloud at the speed of DevOps. Lacework provides visibility to all processes and applications within an organization’s cloud and container environments. This breadth and depth of visibility helps organizations detect vulnerabilities and identify anomalous behavior that pose threats.

Unlike conventional security tools built for static datacenters, Lacework is designed to self-adapt to the cloud’s ever-changing configuration and workloads. Just like DevOps automates code deployment, Lacework automates cloud security empowering organizations to continuously keep cloud environments secure and compliant.

Actionable, easy to navigate information about every incident

  • Visualize interactions and communication between cloud entities
  • Quickly review incidents at any level of detail

Accurate alerts

  • Summarized alerts provide visibility and context
  • Aggregation, risk scoring and customization minimize alerts
  • Links and additional information provided with each alert

What Our Customers Say


Lacework delivers security and compliance for the cloud. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform is cloud-native and offered as-a-Service; delivering build-time to run-time threat detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and cloud compliance across multicloud environments, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes. Customers significantly drive down costs and risk by freeing themselves from the burden of unnecessary hardware, rule writing, and inaccurate alerts.

Experience the Power of Our Patented Polygraph

Lacework’s foundation is Polygraph, a deep temporal baseline built from collecting high fidelity machine/process/users interactions over a period of time.

This Polygraph is used to detect anomalies, generate appropriate alerts, and provide a tool for users to investigate and triage issues.

With Polygraph, you can:

  • Monitor your infrastructure
  • Spot IaaS account configurations that violate compliance
  • See security gaps and changes that could put your company at risk

Supported Platforms

Account security solutions for cloud containers & multicloud
environments via a single unified console