Security Without Limits

One platform. Rules optional.



Complete Cloud Security at the Speed of DevOps

Security Visibility

Receive deep visibility with high fidelity alerts across cloud accounts, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes for tighter security control.

Cloud Compliance

Spot IaaS account misconfigurations and achieve compliance for SOC 2, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and other cloud compliance and security measures.

Anomaly Detection

Detect and resolve anomalous changes in behavior across workloads, containers, IaaS accounts, and Kubernetes that represent a security risk or an IOC.

Continuous Security

Embed security across the development lifecycle for buildtime and runtime operations to enable continuous security, automation, and the ability to build fast.

Kubernetes Security

Get comprehensive threat detection for Kubernetes dashboards, pods, management nodes, and clusters.

The Lacework Cloud Security Platform



Lacework delivers security and compliance for the cloud. The Lacework Cloud Security Platform is cloud-native and offered as-a-Service; delivering build-time to run-time threat detection, behavioral anomaly detection, and cloud compliance across multicloud environments, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes. Customers significantly drive down costs and risk by freeing themselves from the burden of unnecessary hardware, rule writing, and inaccurate alerts.

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