Lacework PolygraphTM tells the story of every breach – when it happened, how it worked, and what was hit – so you can stop it, fix it, and move on. All without rules, policies, or logs.

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Listen as Mario Duarte talks about how Lacework Polygraph thwarted the PEN testers at Snowflake Computing.

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Mario Duarte on Lacework PolygraphTM

Digital Excellence Award

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Lacework named Red Herring Top 100 North America 2017 Winner
June 28th, 2017 at 1:00 PM EDT

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Effortless Detection and Investigation of Cloud Breaches
The velocity of the cloud is outpacing the ability to keep it safe. That’s why Lacework built a better solution to tackle modern cloud security issues.
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lacework secures workloads in the public, private, and hybrid cloud
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Lacework Polygraph™ is the industry’s first zero-touch platform for cloud workload security

Security hasn’t kept up with the velocity of the cloud. Breaches are too frequent and incidents take too long to resolve. Security teams struggle to keep up with DevOps. Yesterday’s security – with its perimeters, rules, and log-based investigations – isn’t flexible, agile, or effective, and it’s not right for today’s cloud.
Lacework Polygraph™ approaches cloud security from a completely new direction. We use a deep temporal baseline to track cloud entities, behaviors, and connections. We detect breaches and automate investigations without rules, policies, or logs. Polygraph delivers exceptional protection at the velocity of the cloud.

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The Power of Lacework Polygraph™

Zero Touch

Spot breaches. Collect forensics information. Get insight into your cloud operations. No admin overhead required.

Cloud Native

Built in the cloud, for the cloud. Elastic capacity expansion. Container ready. No kernel modifications. Available on AWS Marketplace.

Deeper Insights, Effective Protection

Stop rogue users and cybercriminals. Understand relationships between applications, machines, and resources. Even when configurations aren’t perfect.

No Policies. No Rules. No Logs.

Eliminate endless hours of policy and rule maintenance. Analyze security events without tedious external log correlation.

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