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Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud security

Get continuous security and configuration support for AWS, with more automation and fewer rules.

Solving Challenges

Simplify security for AWS

Existing tools fall short when uncovering misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and threats. It’s time for a new AWS security approach.

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Cloud environments and threats are complex

Cloud environments and threats are complex

What if a single platform let you quickly catalog all AWS cloud assets and identify issues with S3 buckets, APIs, access privileges, and more?

Migrating to the cloud can create security gaps

Migrating to the cloud can create security gaps

What if you could confidently move new and complex workloads to AWS without worrying about visibility gaps or cloud-specific threats?

Fine tuning security controls is difficult

Fine tuning security controls is difficult

What if behavioral analysis and machine learning could secure your AWS cloud workloads and accounts, automating detection of what matters most?

Getting audit-ready takes time and money

Getting audit-ready takes time and money

What if you could continuously track changes across your AWS cloud to easily report compliance with SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI, CIS Benchmarks, and more?

Solution Brief

Simplifying security for AWS

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White Paper

How to battle ransomware in the cloud

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24/7 security and configuration support

Lacework provides the visibility needed to reduce security risk and demonstrate compliance across your AWS environment.

  • From point in time to continuous monitoring

    A single view constantly shows all activity in AWS, including new service activation, new events, and changes in access controls.

  • From cloud migration concerns to confidence

    Modernize your environment by migrating more workloads to AWS with build time and runtime protection of microservices, serverless, ECS, EKS, Fargate, etc.

  • From confusion to actionable insights

    Easily find misconfigurations like unauthorized region usage or out of compliance S3 buckets. Use prioritized, context-aware recommendations to fix violations.

  • From weak to robust configuration audits

    Verify best practices like encrypting logs and enabling centralized observability. Ensure AWS CloudTrail is enabled across all regions.

Our Approach

A data-driven approach simplifies security in AWS

Lacework ingests and analyzes your cloud data to automatically detect misconfigurations and anomalies.


  • Visibility into EC2 instances with our agent.
  • Complete AWS account asset inventory via agentless approach.
  • Continuously monitor vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, plus user, app, process, and network behavior, through AWS CloudTrail logs.


  • Use patented Polygraph® anomaly-based approach to uncover threats like escalation of privileges.
  • Find build time and run time vulnerabilities.
  • Surface cloud misconfigurations like open S3 buckets.
  • Dig into cloud best practices and compliance requirements.


  • Avoid alert fatigue by surfacing only the most critical risks.
  • Guide your next steps with context-rich visualizations and notifications.
  • Show compliance easily with in-depth reporting.
  • Solve issues quickly by using ticketing, messaging, SIEM, and workflow integrations.

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