PCI Compliance for cloud environments: Tackle FIM and other requirements with a host-based approach

PCI Compliance for Cloud Environments: Tackle FIM and Other Requirements With a Host-Based Approach

Photo by Hannes Egler on Unsplash Compliance frameworks and security standards are necessary, but they can be a burden on IT and security teams. They provide structure, process, and management guidelines that enable businesses to serve customers and interoperate with other organizations, all according to accepted guidelines that facilitate a better experience for end users. […]

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We just looked at 2 billion #cloud events

I Just Looked at 2 Billion Cloud Events. Here’s What I Found.

Photo by Jase Ess on Unsplash Our relationship with Lacework customers usually starts with a 30-day trial of our solution. Going in to it, they typically acknowledge lack of necessary visibility into their cloud environment. They also, however, tend to massively discount the reality of threats and risks to which they’re exposing their users and data. It’s not […]

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Security Can’t Start Until Multi-Factor Authentication is Turned On

Passwords have long been a target for cybercriminals since they became necessary for switching between users on computers, validating a simple but important security layer. Passwords are typically weak enough to be susceptible to brute force attacks, or too complex to easily remember. Even password generators and password management tools like LastPass have not been […]

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How Ronaldo’s Hair Explains Cybersecurity

Security tools abound that promise to protect you from the looming threat of hackers everywhere. Many of them look great, but their value is dubious. They might perform some specific task like packet inspection at the perimeter or bot detection, but aren’t actually doing the complex work required to inspect the millions (and in some […]

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