Clari boosts efficiency with actionable alerts and automated compliance

Clari boosts efficiency with actionable alerts and automated compliance
Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud
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Streamlined compliance process with behavioral-based anomaly detection to deliver fewer and more actionable alerts — from thousands per day to tens per day

We wanted a platform that could combine vulnerability management and cloud compliance. Initially, we were focused on surfacing information through alerts, but once we started integrating Lacework, we realized that we could solve additional use cases in a single interface.

Steve Lukose, Director, Security Engineering, Clari

Clari, the leader in revenue collaboration and governance, allows every Revenue-critical employee to collaborate to stop Revenue Leak and deliver Revenue Precision. This enables CEOs to answer the most important question in business: “Are we going to meet, beat, or miss on revenue?” In short, Clari is the only enterprise system that provides end-to-end Revenue Collaboration & Governance.


Clari faced significant alert noise from their rules-based legacy tools. Their remediation and investigation processes required optimization, and data silos created visibility gaps. With no access to data stored in vendors, they were unable to gather actionable insights.


By working with Lacework and Snowflake together, Clari enriched their data and aligned security insights with business outcomes. They were able to receive the right number of context-rich, actionable alerts while gaining visibility into processes running in Java and Python applications. With access to a large library of integrations and easy deployment, both Lacework and Snowflake helped Clari to quickly streamline their security practice.


  • Cut alerts from thousands per day to tens
  • Streamlined SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliance process with data-rich dashboards
  • Increased visibility into cloud configurations and applications
  • Gained visibility into access and network patterns

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