Effective threat detection that makes rules optional

Get immediate visibility and context to defend your cloud environments.

Business Challenges

Detecting and responding to threats shouldn’t take so long

More automation. Deeper context and faster, high-integrity, alerts. It’s time for a threat detection solution that raises the signal above the noise and helps you respond faster.

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Creating a rule to catch each threat doesn’t scale

Creating a rule to catch each threat doesn’t scale

What if you could use anomaly-based detection to identify threats, reducing the need for custom rules and policy tuning?

An evolving threat landscape

An evolving threat landscape

What if deeply contextual, near-real time detections could allow for faster responses to attacks?

Signature-based tools create a lot of noise

Signature-based tools create a lot of noise

What if you could use machine learning and behavioral analysis to reduce false positives and catch new unknown threats?

Security teams are overworked and understaffed

Security teams are overworked and understaffed

What if you could automate threat detection and response with rich context and supporting evidence so your team can focus on what matters most?


Frost Radar™: Cloud Workload Protection Platforms, 2023

Leading analyst firm Frost & Sullivan identifies key attributes of cloud workload protection platforms (CWPPs), then recognizes the vendors that excel in the market.

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Quickly find the signal in the noise

With Lacework, get better accuracy and fewer false positives with rules-optional anomaly-based threat detection.

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  • From signature- to anomaly-based detection

    Go beyond threat feeds and uncover signals that indicate compromise from both known and unknown threats. Automate threat detection with behavioral analytics, threat intelligence, and anomaly detection.

  • From latent to immediate

    Near-real time detections give teams access to critical security events in minutes versus hours or days, delivering improved mean time to detection.

  • From nebulous to contextual insight

    Deeper, more responsive detections provide adaptability with the cloud as the threat landscape evolves.

  • From alert chaos to clarity

    A 90% reduction in alerts means a faster threat response. And with composite alerts, you can find active attacks by seeing automatically correlated disparate signals – even weak ones.

Our Approach

Uncover threats faster with automation and enhanced detection capabilities

We use automation and machine learning to detect anomalies and provide near-instantaneous alerts in cloud accounts and workloads deployed on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

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  • Get a complete cloud account asset inventory via an agentless approach.
  • Get data on all cloud workloads via an agent.
  • Investigate a broad attack surface in near-real time as cloud environments evolve.
  • Support AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Kubernetes, plus hybrid environments.
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  • Continuously monitor users, apps, processes, and network behavior across a broad attack plane with enhanced detections like cloud storage enumeration, service account deletion, and network communication changes.
  • Uncover unknown threats like abnormal logins and escalation of privileges with patented Polygraph anomaly-based approach.
  • Identify malware and other known threats based on reputation score for files, DNS, and more.
  • Get comprehensive file integrity monitoring (FIM) that detects changes in file content and metadata.
  • Combine threat intelligence from Lacework Labs with automatic correlation of disparate events, including lower-severity events that otherwise go unnoticed.


  • Reduce noise and surface only the most critical events.
  • Provide context-rich, low-latency, composite alerts, supporting facts, and visualizations that give you the information necessary to respond rapidly.
  • Align findings with the MITRE ATT&CK framework.
  • Accelerate action through integration with ticketing, messaging, SIEM, and workflow applications.
  • Find early signs of cloud ransomware, cryptomining, and compromised credentials with high-confidence composite alerts.
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Great security platform with outstanding after sale support

“I like how humanized they are. The platform is great but the support we received from their after sales team (a.k.a implementation team) was outstanding. Many other competitors make you buy and then leave you and your team on your own. Lacework really cares about your success.”

— Alberto S.

Head of Engineering

G2 Crowd

Essential tool for security and compliance

“Drop dead simple implementation and I don’t think we’ve had a single false positive alert yet thanks to Lacework’s machine learning. I’m continually amazed at the things it picks up, I’ll be working on something new, or testing something, and the alarms go off. Lacework was indispensable in helping us achieve PCI DSS certification.”

— Senior Systems Engineer

Software Industry

Gartner Peer Insights

Wonderful toolset to increase security and compliance confidence

“Lacework provides easy-to-digest security alerts and frequent compliance report updates to ensure that we can keep track of any unusual or unexpected activity in our Cloud Accounts. Adding Lacework has been key to achieving and maintaining our compliance goals with a lean DevOps team. Lacework has allowed us to keep tabs on our cloud-compliance through some infrastructure projects, including achieving and maintaining SOC-2 Type 2 compliance.”

— Gavin W.

Site Reliability Engineer

G2 Crowd

Great product with real in-depth monitoring for cloud environments

“The Lacework team took the time to understand our requirements and provide a solution to the problem we were facing rather than just selling a product like a lot of security vendors do.”

— Head of Engineering

Finance (non-banking) Industry

Gartner Peer Insights

Delivers right information at the right time!!

“We have been working with Lacework for more than 2 years now. Lacework has delivered value from day 1; we used their dashboards to visualise and promote the tool internally to non-technical teams and Steakholders. Techinical teams love it because: * It was easy to deploy (15-20 mins first try!!!) * Sends the right alerts with good context at the right time (No need to monitor dashboards 24×7) * Dashboards abstract a lot of information and present just what’s needed with the ability to dig deep * Automation and plugins with Slack and Jira make it easier to manage investigatins * Complience reports forms a nice todo list for devops to improve the infrastructure Lacework is best in class product.”

— Jay R.

Verified user

G2 Crowd

Critical infrastructure

“Lacework has been a pleasure to work with — from the sales cycle, onboarding to operations. Their delta-based approach allows us to have critical insights into vulnerabilities and access control that would otherwise cost us FTEs.”

— Chief Technical Officer

Software Industry

Gartner Peer Insights

Lacework covers the entire cloud environment and takes minutes to deploy

“Lacework compliance monitoring allows you to align with any standard you wish. The AI-powered behavioural analysis is very impressive. The host agent is lightweight and plug-n-play in any environment. The vulnerability management provides all of the information needed including fix versions for vulnerable packages. The team at Lacework are extremely friendly, helpful and diligent!”

— Paul G.

Verified user

G2 Crowd

Best and easiest solution to protect your cloud environment

“Lacework solution help our company improve significantly our security posture in our cloud environment. And with their product you can achieve this really easily. No need to follow some painful trainings and agent deployment is really easy. The Lacework team is also really responsive and they are taking good care about their customers feedback.”

— Head of Security

Retail Industry

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