Effective threat detection that makes rules optional

Get the visibility and context you need to defend your cloud environments with autonomous machine learning.

Business Challenges

Detecting threats shouldn’t take so long

More automation. Less tuning and alerts. It’s time for a threat detection solution that reduces the noise and helps you respond faster.

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Creating a rule to catch each threat doesn’t scale

Creating a rule to catch each threat doesn’t scale

What if you could use anomaly-based detection to identify threats, reducing the need for custom rules and policy tuning?

Signature-based tools create a lot of noise

Signature-based tools create a lot of noise

What if you could use machine learning and behavioral analysis to reduce false positives and catch new threats?

Security teams are overworked and understaffed

Security teams are overworked and understaffed

What if you could automate threat detection with rich context and supporting evidence so your team can focus on what matters most?

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The Future of Cloud Security

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Quickly find the signal in the noise

With Lacework, get better accuracy and fewer false positives with rules-optional anomaly-based threat detection.

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  • From signature- to anomaly-based detection

    Go beyond threat feeds and uncover signals that indicate compromise from both known and unknown threats

  • From burnout to balance

    No need to spend time querying, tuning policies, or writing rules. Automate threat detection with behavioral analytics, threat intelligence, and anomaly detection.

  • From chaos to clarity

    A 90% reduction in alerts means a faster threat response. And with composite alerts, you can find active attacks by correlating disparate signals – even weak ones.

Our Approach

Uncover threats faster with automation

We use automation and machine learning to detect anomalies that signal malicious activity for cloud accounts and workloads deployed on AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

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Learn more about agentless and agent-based data collection


  • Continuously monitor users, apps, processes, and network behavior.
  • Uncover unknown threats like abnormal logins and escalation of privileges with patented Polygraph anomaly-based approach.
  • Identify malware and other known threats based on reputation score for files, DNS, and more.
  • Get comprehensive file integrity monitoring (FIM) that detects changes in metadata.
  • Combine threat intelligence from Lacework Labs with automatic correlation of disparate events, including lower-severity events that otherwise go unnoticed.


  • Reduce noise and surface only the most critical events.
  • Provide context-rich alerts, supporting facts, and visualizations that give you the information necessary to respond rapidly.
  • Accelerate action through integration with ticketing, messaging, SIEM, and workflow applications.
  • Find early signs of cloud ransomware, cryptomining, and compromised credentials with high-confidence composite alerts.
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