Lacework integrations: Better together

Seamless integrations with Lacework allow you to better align priorities across security and innovation. Build security into your development processes.


We work well with others

Empower your Security and DevOps teams to collaborate and be more efficient when you integrate Lacework with the tools you already use.

Better visibility into disaggregated and complex systems

Better visibility into disaggregated and complex systems

Automate what matters most and get the right information in front of the right people, with existing systems like ticket, messaging, event management, orchestration, and incident response tools.

Strengthen your DevSecOps practices

Strengthen your DevSecOps practices

Incorporate security into your development processes so you can securely build, run, and grow your use of the cloud. Uncover potential risks before they become a major problem.

Frost Radar™: Global CNAPP, 2022

Frost Radar™: Global CNAPP, 2022

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How Lacework Detects Anomalies

How Lacework Detects Anomalies

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A streamlined partnership

Improve security management efficiencies and optimize productivity with our robust, unified cloud security platform.

  • Your favorite tools, now enhanced

    Extend investment in the technologies you already own. Our integrations help security and operations teams enrich existing workflows to more efficiently manage incidents.

  • Fewer alerts, greater efficiency

    Boost productivity and streamline your incident management process by configuring Lacework to forward events to third-party alert channels.

  • Shared data, not siloed data

    Easily share data between Lacework and your other tools to eliminate inconsistencies and help all your teams get on the same page.

Platform Integrations

Consolidate tools and enrich existing investments

Lacework seamlessly integrates with the tools you already use, freeing up your budget so you can focus on innovation, not repairs.

Cloud service providers

We partner with AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, and IBM/Red Hat to help customers apply automated, end-to-end security and configuration solutions to their cloud environments, including Kubernetes, ephemeral workloads, serverless, containers, and more.

Monitoring / Security / Logs

We’ll help you tackle the complexities involved with cloud deployment. Having an integrated security stack can help reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to and investigate security threats.

Incident response

We integrate with incident response applications to send alerts containing rich contextual information, which streamlines the incident management process.

Remediation / Compliance

We work alongside your favorite compliance and remediation tools so you can quickly and efficiently monitor your compliance posture and easily report issues when they arise.

Developer tools

We integrate with continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) tools, letting your DevOps team detect security risks as early as possible.

Ready to see us in action?

Spot unknowns sooner and continuously watch for signs of compromise. Take us on a test drive to see for yourself.

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