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For enterprises to achieve fast, safe deployments, they need early, automated, and continuous discovery of vulnerabilities in both application and infrastructure code. Lacework is a threat detection, compliance, and automated cloud security monitoring platform. Lacework automatically identifies and resolves anomalous behavior and discovers cloud compliance issues. Our embedded security enables continuous security, automation, and fast build. Using Lacework, DevSecOps teams gain deep visibility into security issues and increase development speed.

Lacework features include:

  • Complete security and configuration support for workloads and accounts running on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Deep visibility and alerts across cloud accounts, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes
  • One-click investigation of events
  • Visual and searchable temporal baseline monitoring of your entire infrastructure with Lacework’s Polygraph technology
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Get Application Visibility, Threat Detection, and Forensics for Kubernetes

Lacework’s Kubernetes security solution provides comprehensive threat detection for dashboards, pods, management nodes, and clusters in addition to end-to-end security for public cloud infrastructure workloads, accounts, and containers.

With the rapid adoption of Kubernetes for application and infrastructure orchestration comes an increased risk of data exposure and other vulnerabilities throughout the application lifecycle. Without comprehensive threat detection capabilities, organizations could unwittingly grant unauthorized access to malicious actors looking to target Kubernetes clusters, applications, and customer data. Lacework’s Kubernetes security platform identifies the risks and threats for Kubernetes-deployed infrastructures, including publicly exposed and unsecured API servers and management consoles.

Lacework was among the first cloud security vendors to highlight the need for rigorous container security.

Robust Technical Integrations

DevOps bridges the gap between development, operations, and IT services teams with an eye towards maximum velocity and efficiency. Lacework is committed to providing easy access to tools that help DevOps implement the right processes at the right time.

Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment help developers and testers ship the software faster and more safely in a structured environment.

In addition to delivering alerts with just-in-time notifications integrated into existing workflows, Lacework is proud to highlight these technical integrations to help empower teams to operate at DevOps speed:

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