Data-driven CNAPP
Cloud-native application protection platform

Secure from build through runtime with one connected platform. Our CNAPP correlates data from across your cloud to keep your environment safe.

Entity Behaviors
Entity Behaviors

A unified cloud security platform that connects the dots for you

Cloud security is a data problem. Our CNAPP automatically makes sense of all your cloud data and uses your own data to better protect your entire environment — from build time through runtime.

Address your greatest risks first

What if a misconfiguration is tied to a confidential database in production? Prioritize risk by correlating data across your entire environment.

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Find known and unknown threats faster

Behavior-based threat detection baselines your normal cloud activity and automatically finds meaningful risks in your unique environment. No rules required.

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Increase your productivity overnight

A single, unified experience. Seamless deployment. Real automation. Our CNAPP adds to your security team — not its to-do list.

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Put compliance audits on autopilot

Stop getting derailed by audit requests. Automated evidence gathering and reporting across your entire environment helps your team focus on high-value tasks.

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Faster outcomes. Fewer tools. Better security.


Faster investigations

2 – 5

Average tools replaced


Reduction in alerts

Frost Radar™: Global CNAPP, 2022

Frost Radar™: Global CNAPP, 2022

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CNAPP for Dummies

CNAPP for Dummies

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Your data becomes your best cloud defense

Siloes have no place in the cloud — or in cloud security. Lacework automatically analyzes data from across your entire cloud to secure everything you build and run.

Secure your build

Security is a team sport. Use a single source of truth to help security and development teams collaborate. Find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations sooner by integrating security into code repositories, container registries, and CI/CD pipelines.

Secure your cloud accounts and services

Find account misconfigurations with CSPM and KSPM capabilities and uncover account compromise with activity monitoring for users and resources. Automate detection of threats and gain the context to investigate and respond quickly.

Secure your workloads

Continuously monitor workloads and uncover any active threats — even from unknown zero days. Our platform learns your normal cloud behavior and flags any meaningful deviations. No endless rule writing or deep security expertise required.


Cloud security doesn’t have to be complicated

It may feel daunting to understand your cloud. Our platform makes sense of your cloud data for you. Deploy Lacework, then let us handle the rest.


Getting started with us is a breeze. Our platform connects to your cloud accounts, services, CI/CD pipelines, and workloads with ease and speed.


We love data. And we continuously collect data from various sources across the entire software development lifecycle, with or without agents.


No two cloud environments are the same. Through automated data correlation across build and runtime, our platform identifies the greatest risks to your unique cloud environment.


Get highly contextualized, high-fidelity alerts — directly integrated into your existing workflows. Then use these insights to investigate and remediate with ease.


Support for your multicloud environment

Whether you’re using Amazon, Google, Microsoft, a hybrid approach, or all of the above, benefit from continuous cloud protection.

Drive AWS compliance by consolidating multiple cloud compliance and posture management tools in one single platform.

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Reduce risk in your Google Cloud environment with continuous, automated testing for standards to measure cloud compliance.

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Get visibility and context with daily cloud audits to easily prove cloud compliance and detect and respond to issues across Microsoft Azure.

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Reduce blindspots for highly dynamic and configurable K8s to remain compliant across your K8s environment from build to runtime.

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Get the visibility and context to quickly detect and respond to issues across Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

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Don’t just take our word for it

See how we’re helping your peers


A great platform that saves us hours every month

“This tool is a game-changer. Its fantastic alert system and easy-to-use interface save us hours each month. Generating reports is a breeze, and it helps us easily address prospects’ security concerns. It’s the perfect solution for anyone looking to streamline their cloud security process and focus on what matters – their product. Overall, highly recommended for anyone looking to optimize their workflow and ensure their cloud infra is secure.”

— Junior G.

Verified user

G2 Crowd

Lacework is among the best security platforms with broad reach

“Sincerely, I think Lacework is a top notch security product. We use it for scanning security but the thing that impresses me the most is the organization of the data. It’s super easy to use to find what you need which is atypical for most products I’ve tried.”

— Director of Product

Software Industry

Gartner Peer Insights

Cloud-native threat detection at its best

“Lacework provides you with a comprehensive view of your entire cloud infrastructure including (service) accounts as well as the posture of containers and hosts. Lacework is easy to setup and maintain while being a massive help in our ability to understand threats within the enviorment and correlating factors.”

— Mirco K.

Verified user

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Lacework: Make Security Boring

“Fantastic pre-sales experience, answered every and all questions we’ve had, including enhancement requests to how the tool functions.”

— Principal Cloud Operations Analyst

Software Industry

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One of the best CNAPP tools out in the market!

“Lacework has been vital in protecting our environment and giving us visibility across all domains. I like how Lacework gives you a quick summary of an alert that was recently fired. If I need to dig deeper, the dashboard with all the 5 W’s, Why, When, Who, What, and Where is super beneficial too!”

— Kevin M.

Verified user

G2 Crowd

Lacework, one of the best security product!

“It’s been a great experience, very easy to integrate with cloud provider accounts. It is one of the best in managing cloud security.”

— Manager, Project Management

Healthcare and Biotech Industry

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A great cornerstone for any Security Operations program

“Our Lacework support team is always ready to help with any questions or concerns. We hold regularly scheduled meetings to help meet our program goals, and Lacework is always prepared to help drive the effort.”

— Wes H.

Verified user

G2 Crowd

Lacework tool please add in for security

“Very easy to implement and provides good documentation as well .templates used are too good.”

— Service Deliver Manager

IT Services Industry

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