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AWS S3 Security

Always know if your AWS S3 buckets are at risk

It is too easy to misconfigure S3 buckets. Why? AWS provides four options to control access. Lacework audits your S3 configuration, tells you which buckets are accessible by outside users, and sends alerts on changes.


CIS Benchmark for AWS


Check your AWS configuration for compliance to the CIS benchmark

Lacework’s interactive reporting helps you assess your level of compliance to the CIS Benchmark and provides recommendations on how to fix violations. The audit is on-going and alerts tell you when you are out of compliance.


AWS Account Security

Automatically Detect Anomalies in AWS Account Activity

Lacework integrates with AWS CloudTrail to automatically detect abnormal behavior in AWS Accounts, including unusual use of your AWS resources, regions, accounts, services, and more.



Breach Detection

Detect Intrusions with Polygraph’s Deep Temporal Baseline

Stop cyber attacks and breaches with the industry’s most effective and easy to use breach detection product – no policies, rules, or log analysis required.


Incident Investigation

Every Incident Has a Story: Tell it with Polygraph

Take a trip back in time to track the users, applications, containers, connections, and east-west traffic behind every compromise and breach. See the entire cyber kill chain, identify responsible entities, and assess the blast radius.


Insider Threat Management

Track Privileged Accounts to Prevent Insider Abuse

Keep tabs on your most powerful users to prevent attacks and breaches by compromised accounts or disgruntled employees.


DevSecOps Insights

Chart Cloud Operations with an Intuitive Graphical Map

Reveal the structure, relationships, and communication flows that power your cloud applications to clarify operations and integrate security into your continuous application delivery practices.


File Integrity Monitoring

More Than a Compliance Checklist Item

Automate File Integration Monitoring (FIM) for your cloud deployments and make FIM an effective part of your cloud security strategy.





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