Azure cloud security with advanced threat detection

Control checks. Nonstop protection. A comprehensive, continuous, end-to-end Azure security solution.

Solving Challenges

Secure your Azure environment

For critical infrastructure in the cloud, security and visibility are major concerns. You need a solution built to protect Azure.

Are breaches putting your data at risk?

Are breaches putting your data at risk?

Quickly take care of data breaches by identifying escalated privileges, lateral movement, and misuse of Azure resources.

Is constant monitoring too time-consuming?

Is constant monitoring too time-consuming?

Your security team will know when it’s time to step in, with 24/7 monitoring that automatically alerts them to suspicious activity.

Is compliance costly and labor-intensive?

Is compliance costly and labor-intensive?

Daily audits provide remediation recommendations and easily prove compliance with SOC 2, HIPAA, PCI, CIS Benchmarks, and more.

Solution Brief

Simplifying security for Microsoft Azure

We monitor for threats to workloads and accounts across Azure, multicloud, and containerized environments. With Lacework, you can keep your organization secure.

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A security solution to lighten your load

With Lacework’s continuous monitoring and daily configuration audits, you can ensure your Azure environment is compliant and protected.

  • From manual maintenance to automation

    Our platform automatically validates all configurations against the controls accepted as best practices for securing your Azure environment.

  • From risk-prone to secure

    Protect every layer of your Azure deployment, including accounts, workloads, and Platforms as a Service (PaaS) like Azure SQL.

  • From periodic checks to continuous audits

    Daily audits and continuous usage monitoring notify you of anomalous behaviors and changes that impact your security in Azure accounts.

Our Approach

Our data drives your threat prevention

Lacework’s Polygraph® data security platform monitors your Azure environment, surfaces threats, and provides the data to stop risky behavior.


  • Get complete Azure asset inventory via agentless approach.
  • Get data on virtual machines via agent.
  • Use Azure Audit Logs to continuously observe user, app, process, and network behavior, plus vulnerabilities and cloud configurations.


  • Surface threats with patented Polygraph anomaly detection.
  • Identify vulnerabilities during build time and run time.
  • Uncover cloud misconfigurations in Azure Blob Storage.
  • Determine how well cloud best practices and compliance requirements have been met.


  • Cut the noise by surfacing only the most critical risks.
  • Use context-rich visualizations and notifications to advise next steps.
  • Demonstrate compliance through detailed reports.
  • Accelerate developer action by integrating with ticketing, messaging, SIEM, and workflow applications.

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