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SANS Institute Review

Today’s dynamic cloud environments present new challenges to security practitioners. Tailoring old policy-and-logs approaches to the demands of the cloud require time and resources that organizations don’t have. In this review, SANS analyst and instructor Matt Bromiley shares his experience using Lacework to mitigate these challenges.


Ovum Report

Cloud adoption is expanding at an explosive rate, creating a growing requirement for security technologies such as Lacework’s Polygraph to monitor workloads, provide alerts about potential breaches, and highlight possible insider threats. Ovum expects to see Lacework attracting considerable customer interest, particularly given its cloud-native and low-touch approach to operations as well as to sales and marketing.

Data Sheets

Breach Detection

Lacework Polygraph solves the breach detection challenge from a completely different perspective. Rather than relying on policies, rules and signatures, we create a deep temporal baseline of cloud operations. We use that baseline to spot anomalies and breaches. Download the data sheet to learn more.


Incident Investigation

Cloud security incident investigations are incredibly complex and time consuming. There’s no time to waste: to limit damage and remediate vulnerabilities, security professionals need answers fast. But all too often, investigators confront the aftermath of an attack armed only with incomplete logs. They face a frustrating exercise in manual event correlation that often leads nowhere. Download the data sheet to learn more.


Insider Threat Management

Lacework Polygraph took a new tack to solve the thorny problem of insider threats. Rather than relying on the rules and policies the power traditional intrusion detection techniques, we create a deep temporal baseline of cloud operations. We use this baseline to spot unusual user behavior and assess its risk – without rules, policies, or log analysis. Download the data sheet to learn more.


DevSecOps Insights

Today’s cloud DevOps teams deploy new applications and services at a blistering pace. What used to take weeks or months now takes days. Lacework automatically captures the true reality of data centers so even major architectural changes can be made at breakneck speed. Download the data sheet to learn more.


Listen to SANS Webinar

Listen to the replay of this SANS Webinar review of Lacework’s Cloud Workload Security Platform, and how to mitigate the challenges of today’s dynamic cloud environments.



Corporate Video

The velocity of the cloud is outpacing the ability to keep it safe. That’s why Lacework built a better solution to tackle modern cloud security issues.


Threat Hunting Demo

Starting with a suspicious login alert, we demonstrate how one can quickly view the timeline of activities to detect a breach.



Ian O′Brien

Hear Ian O’Brien’s true-crime story of Lacework, WordPress, and an intruder who never made it out the back door.

Mario Duarte

Listen as Mario Duarte talks about how Lacework Polygraph thwarted the PEN testers at Snowflake Computing.

Stan Leong

Learn how Stan Leong uses Lacework Polygraph to safeguard mergers and acquisitions information for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.


Lacework Polygraph

Learn more about polygraphs: what they are, why they’re useful, and how they work. This video introduces the different polygraph layouts and provides a few tips and tricks to help you be even more productive when conducting security operations and investigations.


Dossiers organize information in a streamlined display that invites exploration and empowers investigation. In this video, you’ll learn how to use different types of dossiers, how to zero in on areas of interest by searching and filtering, and tips for navigating between different dossiers.

Platform Tour

The Lacework management console offers a powerful set of capabilities focused on cloud workload security. This video tutorial walks through console management and use, introducing popular features such the dashboard, search and filter capabilities, alerts, and dossiers.

Configuration Options

Managing administrators and agents is an essential part of using Lacework Polygraph. This video covers these management topics as well as Slack integration.

Lacework Agent Installation

Lacework Agents run on the workloads managed by Polygraph. Learn how to install them in this video.

Application Dossier

This video provides insight into application behavior details.

Machine Dossier

This tutorial provides details available in the machine dossier, differences between all machine and per machine dossier, and accessing machine dossier.


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