Automated and continuous Google Cloud security

Achieve continuous compliance, manage vulnerabilities, and detect threats with more automation and fewer rules.

Solving Challenges

Minimize security risks in Google Cloud

Your Google Cloud environments are not immune from major risks. Existing tools are insufficient to manage configuration errors, vulnerabilities, and threats.

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Are data breaches harming your business?

Are data breaches harming your business?

Stop danger in its tracks by identifying unusual user behavior and misuse of Google Cloud resources.

Is manual monitoring eating up your time?

Is manual monitoring eating up your time?

Let continuous monitoring raise automatic alerts and rank events by severity so you instantly know what to remediate first.

Is proving compliance a hassle?

Is proving compliance a hassle?

Receive alerts about changes to your compliance posture and demonstrate compliance with simplified reporting.

Solution Brief

Simplifying security for Google Cloud

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Solution Brief

Hassle-free, event-driven architectures with Lacework and Eventarc from Google Cloud

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Modern security for the modern cloud

Our solution for Google Cloud security ensures continuous compliance and protects data from unauthorized exposure — all with minimal maintenance.

  • From rule writing to automated detection

    Built and updated automatically, our baseline models of a data center’s behavior use anomaly detection to indicate security threats.

  • From uncertainty to trustworthy checks

    Check for Google Cloud-specific controls like storage classes and access control lists (ACLs). Monitor for Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), access logs, and more.

  • From audits to continuous compliance

    Our Google Cloud solution audits your configuration daily and alerts you to any change that represents a degradation in compliance.

Our Approach

Risk reduction, informed by data

We start by detecting threats and vulnerabilities in your Google Cloud environment. Then, we give you the data you need to take the next step.


  • Get complete Google Cloud asset inventory across projects and services via agentless approach.
  • Get data on Google Compute Engine (GCE) instances via agent.
  • Continuously observe vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and behavior of users, apps, processes, and networks through Cloud Audit Logs.


  • Use patented Polygraph® anomaly-based approach to surface threats.
  • Find vulnerabilities throughout your build time and run time process.
  • Identify cloud misconfigurations in Cloud Storage for Firebase.
  • Figure out issues around cloud best practices and compliance requirements.


  • Surface the most critical risks to eliminate alert fatigue.
  • Get context-rich visualizations and notifications to take quick action.
  • Prove compliance with comprehensive reporting.
  • Integrate with ticketing, messaging, SIEM, and more to swiftly solve issues.

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