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Snowflake Computing

Listen as Mario Duarte talks about how Lacework Polygraph thwarted the PEN testers at Snowflake Computing.

HP Enterprise

Learn how Stan Leong uses Lacework Polygraph to safeguard mergers and acquisitions information for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.

Large Networking Firm

Hear Ian O’Brien’s true-crime story about Lacework, WordPress, and an intruder who never made it out the back door.

Snowflake Computing

Foiling PEN Testers with zero-touch Cloud Security: Learn how Snowflake was able to gain full visibility into their environment to follow everything that was occurring, end to end.


Logs, Logs and More Logs: Learn how Wavefront simplified security operations by deploying the Lacework zero-touch platform with no rules or policies, eliminating their logs.

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