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Peace of Mind Security for Every Google Cloud Platform

Monitor and identify threats for workloads and accounts in the Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platforms (GCP) are not immune from some of the biggest security risks. Potential threats to GCP include data breaches, credential and access management issues, and identity protection. Achieving peace of mind requires partnering with a company that understands GCP security.

Lacework offers an automated, end-to-end GCP security and configuration solution that monitors threats for workloads and accounts in the Google Cloud Platform and across multi-cloud and containerized environments. Lacework is designed as a host-based intrusion detection system that identifies and alerts based on behavioral anomalies that could pose threats to an organization’s data and resources.

Our GCP security platform protects from threats in several fundamental ways, including:

  • Checking for a series of controls specific to GCP resources like storage classes and ACLs, as well as monitoring for processes like Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), access logs, and other elements that can be targeted in the course of attacks
  • Building baseline models of a data center’s behavior to perform anomaly detection that could indicate a security threat — built and updated automatically, these models require no manual rules or maintenance
  • Enabling security teams to efficiently protect assets deployed on GCP, from the initial configuration to live operations
  • Validating that data is not inadvertently exposed to unauthorized users
  • Offering context-aware recommendations to help prioritize and fix violations

Security Built for Tomorrow, Today

For all GCP events and configurations, Lacework’s security solution monitors activities and behaviors of cloud entities beyond network traffic to detect anomalies indicative of misconfigurations, human error, malicious activities, or threats.

Lacework enables security teams to identify escalation of privileges, lateral movement, and misuse of GCP resources quickly so that breaches can be identified and stopped early. Lacework achieves this by:

  • Ranking all risks and threats visible within the Lacework dashboard by risk severity (these can also be delivered through the most common methods such as a Slack channel or a Jira ticket)
  • Scheduling automatic checks, reviews, and alerts for configuration issues that run counter to controls established as best practices for securing GCP
  • Delivering an interactive report that offers insights into passed or failed controls with specific remediation recommendations to fix non-compliant configuration components

Lacework’s GCP security solution ensures continuous compliance by auditing your configuration daily and alerting you of any change that represents a degradation in compliance.

Modern Security for Modern Cloud Infrastructures

Lacework is built to detect anomalies across your server hosts and resources, including GCP, other cloud platforms, containers, and Kubernetes. It also finds anomalies involving processes, users, networks, and files through:

  • Capturing, analyzing, and reporting on all cloud activity so you receive an accurate assessment of your GCP and multi-cloud workloads and accounts
  • Create a deep temporal baseline built by collecting high fidelity machine, process, and user interactions over a period of time — to detect anomalies, generate appropriate alerts, and provide a tool for users to investigate and triage issues

Continuous Monitoring Made Simple

As GCP environments continuously adapt to new users, services, and resources, the corresponding security landscape changes in a dynamic way. We make it easy for you to get an accurate assessment of your GCP and multi-cloud workloads and accounts by providing a single, comprehensive GCP security solution that captures, analyzes, and reports on all cloud activity, so you’ll never be left in the dark again.


FAQs About Lacework's GCP Cloud Security Solutions

Lacework is a multi-cloud security SaaS platform that provides automated, end-to-end visibility and threat detection for the Google Cloud Platform. Our approach simplifies configuration and speeds deployment with a faster time to value.

Lacework’s GCP security platform performs a series of checks against every compute engine firewall rules looking for misconfigurations.

Lacework checks configurations for several different variants of permissions in GCP cloud storage buckets that can risk data exposed and alerts you.

Lacework supports GCP Audit log ingestion and uses these logs to alert you of suspicious behavior in your cloud infrastructure.