GCP Security Solutions for Google Cloud Platform

Monitor and identify threats for workloads and accounts in the Google Cloud Platform

Automated, Continuous GCP Security Monitoring and Threat Detection for Google Cloud Platform and Multicloud Environments

Lacework offers an automated, end-to-end GCP security and configuration solution that monitors threats for workloads and accounts in the Google Cloud Platform and across multicloud and containerized environments. As a purpose-built solution for modern IT infrastructures, Lacework is architected as a host-based intrusion detection that can identify and alert based on behavioral anomalies that could pose a threat to an organization’s data and resources.

Lacework accomplishes this in two fundamental ways: 1) Lacework checks for a series of controls specific to GCP resources like storage classes, ACLs and other resources, and for processes like Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), access logs, and other elements that can be targeted in the course of attacks. And 2) in order to adapt to the dynamic and ephemeral nature of GCP and other cloud environments, Lacework builds baseline models of a data center’s behavior to perform anomaly detection that could indicate a security threat. These models are built and updated automatically and do not require manual rules or maintenance. Lacework enables security teams to efficiently protect assets deployed on GCP, from the initial configuration to everyday operations.

Automated threat detection
For all GCP events and configurations, Lacework monitors activities and behaviors of cloud entities beyond network traffic to detect anomalies indicative of misconfigurations, human error, malicious activities or threats. Lacework enables security teams to identify escalation of privileges, lateral movement, and misuse of GCP resources quickly on so that breaches can be identified and stopped early.

Risks and threats are visible within the Lacework dashboard, are ranked by risk severity, and can be delivered through the most common modern methods such as a Slack channel or a Jira ticket.

Compliance and misconfiguration identification
Lacework automatically checks, reviews, and alerts on configuration issues that run counter to controls established as best practices for GCP. Lacework supports common compliance standards such as SOC2, PCI DSS, and CIS benchmarks. An interactive report, generated from deep insights from activity happening in the environment, delivers insights into passed or failed controls with specific remediation recommendations to fix non-compliant configuration components. A similar report is available for security controls for Google Cloud Storage.

Lacework ensures continuous compliance by auditing your configuration daily and alerting you of any change that represents a degradation in compliance.

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