Astera Labs reimagine network access and security using Lacework Edge

Astera Labs reimagine network access and security using Lacework Edge
Astera Labs reimagine network access and security using Lacework Edge

Lacework Edge has exceeded our expectations. The ease with which we can allocate access privileges and deploy the solution has streamlined our network management and enhanced our overall security posture.


Astera Labs, a pioneer in connectivity solutions for intelligent systems, is a significant player in the development of purposebuilt semiconductors and related IP for the data-centric economy. Founded in 2017, Astera Labs has been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, offering robust solutions for data-intensive applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and high-performance computing. Aiming to overcome the connectivity bottlenecks in compute-intensive workloads, the company focuses on developing system-aware semiconductor products, system IP, and applications. With over 200 employees geographically distributed in North America and Asia, and a whole host of supplier relationships across the world, Astera Labs is growing into a major player experiencing rapid growth in their business and employee base.

In the era of rapidly evolving threats, network security, and accessibility have never been more vital for organizations. Multinational corporations, in particular, require sophisticated solutions that can adapt to complex requirements and diverse operations spread across various locations. Astera Labs found itself in a situation where it was heavily reliant on open source VPNs for its networking needs, which, while providing a basic framework, lacked the sophisticated features necessary to manage its global operations effectively.

Initially, their open source VPN posed a significant challenge. With the VPN always active, managing network segmentation became an uphill task. This issue was further compounded by the need for effective management of multiple sites, especially for operations spread across numerous global locations. The company also struggled with the absence of a monitoring system for essential metrics and uptime, leaving a gap in their network management capabilities.

The task of maintaining end user performance presented another hurdle. Previously, constant connection drops and lack of stability in the networking infrastructure, significantly reduced operational efficiency and end user experience. Astera Labs was also in search of a solution that could reduce the number of support tickets, enhance compliance among users, and bolster their security through improved detection of anomalous behavior.

As the company grappled with these challenges, Lacework Edge presented an opportunity for them to transition towards a zero trust architecture. By offering enhanced network segmentation, Lacework Edge allowed for more detailed access control and administration of their operations. Implementing Lacework Edge across the company’s remote offices globally enabled them to effectively manage multiple sites. Furthermore, Lacework Edge's seamless integration with their existing IT ticketing and support tools facilitated real-time detection and anomalous alerts, providing a critical feature of the zero trust —continuous monitoring and response.

Interestingly, the company initially deployed Lacework Edge as a simple VPN replacement. However, as they began to harness its full potential, they realized the system’s effectiveness as a comprehensive Zero Trust solution. With Lacework Edge’s superior detection of threats, anomalous behavior, and policy enforcement, Astera Labs could conduct more rigorous network checks and enforce stronger security measures.


Time taken to roll out new sites: from weeks to hours

Transitioning from open source VPN to Lacework Edge resulted in significant operational improvements. Setting up Lacework Edge connectors and sites was touted as “ridiculously simple,” effectively reducing tasks that previously took multiple days to just a few hours. This simplified process facilitated quick scalability and deployment across multiple sites, demonstrating Lacework Edge as a versatile, simple and effective platform for their organization, and eliminated complexities of a traditional firewall or a VPN.

Anomaly detection and driving compliance

Astera Labs scaled their security coverage by leveraging Lacework Edge advanced security capabilities. They were able to drive compliance and roll out Single Sign On (SSO) access to sensitive applications for users within their network, and flag suspicious users logging in from sensitive countries using Lacework Edge’s advanced models and anomalous behavior analysis. Leveraging the intuitive Lacework dashboard and console, Astera Labs can now identify and respond to suspicious user activities in real-time, and adhere to corporate compliance and security policies and compliance.