DECTA standardizes processes while interlacing security earlier in the development cycle

DECTA standardizes processes while interlacing security earlier in the development cycle
DECTA standardizes processes while interlacing security earlier in the development cycle
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Reduced critical alerts down to 1.5 per day to enhance system stability while shifting security left

“Lacework provides us with a single platform that lets us see where we are today, and helps us get more compliant tomorrow. The historical context helps us look at the progress we’re making, which is key.”

David Ramsay, Head of Engineering, DECTA

DECTA is a leading global online payment processing company and offers a comprehensive range of services for acquirer and issuer processing and payment gateway, in addition to the Digital Banking Platform. As a certified processor for Mastercard, Visa, and UnionPay International (UPI) in the EU, UK, and APAC regions, DECTA ensures secure and reliable payment solutions for a diverse client base. With its in-house payment technology, DECTA provides end-to-end control and flexibility in the payment ecosystem for fintech companies, banks, and payment service providers worldwide.


DECTA, a global payment processing company, began to develop a completely new product from scratch — the Digital Banking Platform, which is a complete solution designed to transform a traditional bank into a completely digital and automated online financial powerhouse. However, the team faced security obstacles, stemming from the inability to continuously monitor for configuration changes during development. These obstacles might potentially delay production launches and cost them revenue. Out of a desire to offer their customers the best product possible, DECTA began searching for the optimal vendor to help satisfy this need.


DECTA chose the Lacework platform's layered security approach to ensure they were protected throughout the entire software development lifecycle — from early development through production. With the Lacework agent, DECTA gained continuous visibility into their cloud workloads and secured their containers. Meanwhile, agentless capabilities provided a complete cloud asset inventory of DECTA’s environment, streamlining compliance reporting. With Lacework, DECTA was able to reduce misconfigurations, speed up investigations, reduce alerts across their Kubernetes environment, and, ultimately, deliver the Digital Banking Platform with speed and security.


  • Shifted security left to the development phase to keep launches on schedule
  • Reduced critical alerts to 1.5 events per day
  • Reduced misconfigurations across and improved operational efficiency

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