Enterprise cloud security

Reduce costs and manual effort with a new approach to enterprise cloud security


The cloud demands more

Enterprise cloud security is complex. What worked for yesterday’s security is no match for cloud scale. Laying old ways on top of new tech results in weak security, high costs, and more headaches.

More tools doesn’t equal better cloud security

With cloud security, context is king. And when event context is scattered across multiple dashboards, teams are left manually piecing the story together.

Alert fatigue is a real problem

Rules-based security simply doesn’t work in the cloud. Cloud actions without context make for rules-based false alarms, which hide real issues.

Inefficient cloud security hurts the wallet

Multiple tools mean more licenses. Manual effort means more headcount. And inefficient use of audit logs can send SIEM costs through the roof.

Audit requests distract from meaningful work

Compliance is nonnegotiable for enterprises. But ad hoc audit requests require extra cycles to gather evidence that distract from high-value work.


2023 Gartner Market Guide for CNAPPs

Understand why unified platforms are the best fit for enterprise cloud security and what to look for in an ideal vendor.

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2023 Gartner Market Guide for CNAPPs


A fast and flexible path to a secure cloud

With Lacework, you get everything you need for enterprise cloud security from one dashboard.

Increase productivity overnight

A unified platform that deploys fast and integrates with existing tools. Flexible agent-based and agentless deployment means you can cover your clouds quickly and thoroughly.

Fix what matters most

Priority that cuts through the noise. Lacework correlates data from across your cloud to surface the risks that truly matter to your unique environment.

Cut operational costs

Better enterprise cloud security with a healthier bottom line. Cut licensing costs, maximize team efficiency, and pre-filter audit logs to cut SIEM costs by up to 90%

Automate the distractions

Unwavering focus on high-value work. Automate compliance tasks to experience a 90% reduction in manual reporting effort.


Real automation, informed by your data

Fast to deploy. Flexible to integrate. Roll out Lacework, then we’ll make sense of your data for you.

Integrate easily

  • Integrate into cloud accounts, services, CI/CD pipelines, and workloads
  • Consolidate tools — CSPM, CWPP, IaC security, vulnerability management, CIEM, and more
  • Provide complete coverage and comprehensive visibility to security and development teams from a single platform
  • Correlate data from disparate sources and work with existing ticketing and workflow systems

Continuously collect

  • Gather terabytes of data down to the process and container level
  • Get complete asset inventory across projects and services via agent and agentless approach
  • Surface cloud security data from cloud logs and detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and the behavior of users, apps, files, processes, and networks

Comprehend your data

  • Monitor and identify misconfigurations and compliance violations in cloud accounts and IaC templates automatically
  • Find the riskiest vulnerabilities across containers, hosts, application language libraries, and workloads from build time through runtime
  • Monitor runtime environments and correlate runtime data with risk context to prioritize your greatest issues

Empower employees

  • Break down silos with a consolidated source of data that empowers users to investigate, prioritize, and act
  • Guide security and compliance remediation efforts through rich alert context
  • Implement preventative controls during development to reduce production environment risks
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“Everyone, even non-security teams, saw how Lacework could enable us to reach the next level of visibility, compliance, vulnerability management, and threat detection.”

John Turner

Senior Security Architect

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“Lacework has freed up my team from spending 2-3 hours a day configuring, tweaking, and looking at alerts to less than 15 minutes. It’s freed up so much time to do other things that are security related.”

Mario Duarte

Director of Security

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“Lacework will enable me to build and operationalize a world class security organization. We value the partnership, and Lacework is the nucleus of our program.”

Paul Groisman

Director of Security