Cloud-native application protection platform

Secure from build through runtime with one connected platform. Our CNAPP correlates data from across your cloud to keep your environment safe.

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A unified cloud security platform that connects the dots for you

Cloud security is a data problem. Our CNAPP automatically makes sense of all your cloud data and uses your own data to better protect your entire environment — from build time through runtime.


Frost Radar™: Global CNAPP

New benchmarking report identifies the top CNAPP providers

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Your data becomes your best cloud defense

Siloes have no place in the cloud — or in cloud security. Lacework automatically analyzes data from across your entire cloud to secure everything you build and run.

Secure your build

Security is a team sport. Use a single source of truth to help security and development teams collaborate. Find vulnerabilities and misconfigurations sooner by integrating security into code repositories, container registries, and CI/CD pipelines.

Secure your cloud accounts and services

Find account misconfigurations with CSPM and KSPM capabilities and uncover account compromise with activity monitoring for users and resources. Automate detection of threats and gain the context to investigate and respond quickly.

Secure your workloads

Continuously monitor workloads and uncover any active threats — even from unknown zero days. Our platform learns your normal cloud behavior and flags any meaningful deviations. No endless rule writing or deep security expertise required.

Lacework Explorer

Intuitive and actionable
visualization of risks and threats

Advanced platform tools like Lacework Explorer help users quickly navigate risks like attack paths, critical vulnerabilities, and over-privileged cloud identities – then investigate active threats. The result? Security teams get better context to save time and resources.

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“Lacework did what the other tools did, but on steroids. Using the platform felt like having another person sitting there all the time, telling us what the issues were. Then it went even further into the behavioral side of things, which blew my mind.”

Kevin Tham


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“Instead of looking through multiple tools for the information we need, we have it all in one platform… By adopting a single platform, we fully eliminated five tools, which has saved us valuable time and reduced our costs.”

Hans-Michael Odenthal

Systems Expert

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“It’s nothing short of revolutionary. It’s making a change in how security teams are thinking about their environment and what they’re doing on a daily basis.”

Mario Duarte

VP, Security

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