HealthVerity cures critical alerts with clear diagnosis

HealthVerity cures critical alerts with clear diagnosis
HealthVerity cures critical alerts with clear diagnosis
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Reduced critical alerts to zero, shifted security left, and streamlined processes

To me, the near-real-time feedback on the security posture of the accounts and systems that you load in is the number-one benefit of all.

Jim Shank, VP of Engineering, HealthVerity

HealthVerity provides the nation’s largest healthcare and consumer data ecosystem, where healthcare providers, payers, and programs can discover, license, and link healthcare data.


HealthVerity needed to provide HIPAA-compliant protection over the healthcare data of more than 330 million patients. However, in a time of rapid expansion, the company suddenly needed a scalable way to identify and address any new security issues within their growing cloud environment.


The Lacework platform provided insight into which existing issues were most pressing, reducing the overall amount of alerts over time. The HealthVerity security team also took advantage of the platform’s deep network of integrations, detailed alert context and remediation guidance, and shift left capabilities, which built bridges with developer teams.


  • Enabled security and development to scale together during rapid growth
  • Reduced hundreds of critical alerts in the first month to 22 per week, then to 0
  • Empowered developers to write secure infrastructure code by shifting security left
  • Gained continuous visibility into security posture, with clear line-of-sight into configuration drift

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