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HealthVerity cures critical alerts with clear diagnosis

Learn how they used the Lacework platform to shift security left, streamline processes, reduce critical alerts to zero, and build trust between the security and dev teams.

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"We were able to go from a couple of hundred alerts a day to just a handful — we cut alert volume by 90%, with zero configuration. That's staggering."

John Turner

Senior Security Architect

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"Lacework makes reporting easy. Going through compliance activities has become more self-service. Prior to the integration with Lacework, my team and I would have to spend a lot of time explaining things to auditors. Now, the team can just go and look at the dashboards and pull any data that they need."

Michael Lyborg


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"Our proof of value deployment was operationalized in less than 30 minutes to include success criteria of Kubernetes agents, container image and host vulnerability scans, anomaly detection, and compliance reporting."

Steve Lukose

Director, Security Engineering

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"All of these other tools that we spent a lot of engery tweaking, I would argue failed because Lacework, within minutes of an attack beginning, was able to detect something that the others could not see. It outperformed everything we’ve been doing."

Mario Duarte

Director of Security

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