Lacework Edge

Zero trust connectivity,
driven by data

One SSE solution for comprehensive zero trust connectivity, offering enhanced access, visibility, and control across all your services

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Fast, reliable security

Fortify against threats in distributed environments without traditional security constraints

Compliant connectivity

Meet regulatory requirements with precision control – all while safeguarding against breaches

Future-proofed protection

Defend against evolving threats with risk and behavior-based security built for the modern edge

Edge Secure Private Access

Zero trust access to private applications

  • Ensure secure, zero trust access to all private and SaaS apps from any device, anywhere
  • Replace VPN solutions without relying on tunneling or legacy data center
  • Easy API integration gives you oversight into SaaS sprawl and shadow IT
  • Preserve privacy by providing robust security without mandating intrusive TLS inspection

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Edge Secure Internet Access

Safer web browsing with our secure web gateway capabilities

  • Block threats like malicious DNS requests, malware, and more
  • Detect unusual activity and shadow IT with user risk and behavior analysis
  • Enjoy consistent peak performance through region based routing and split-tunneling

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Edge Data Security

Secure data anywhere and everywhere

  • Immediately detect unauthorized access and sharing of sensitive documents
  • Control user actions over sensitive data via browser-based data security
  • Improve regulatory compliance by closely monitoring and reporting on document access and usage
  • Enhance productivity by detecting and removing unauthorized access to documents in real-time

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“Lacework Edge has removed the the need for reliance on our VPNs for remote users and has significantly improved performance, stability, and security”

Josiah Hackerott | Lead IT Administrator

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"One of the biggest challenges we had was access control to our secured environments. We're a cloud first company, but we also have offices and labs worldwide. What really caught our attention on Lacework Edge was that it was so easy to deploy in our multiple offices."

Jenson Ho | Head of Infrastructure Engineering & IT

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What is SSE?

Security service edge (SSE) is a collection of security services for secure access to websites, SaaS, and private apps.

What is the difference between SSE and SASE?

SSE (security service edge) focuses on security services like SWG, CASB, ZTNA, and more delivered primarily from the cloud. SASE (secure access service edge) combines SSE's security services with SD-WAN capabilities, offering a unified network and security solution for efficient, secure access.

What is zero trust?

Zero trust is a security model that assumes no implicit trust, verifying every user and device trying to access resources, regardless of their location, and granting access based on strict identity and context verification, enforcing least-privilege principles.