Introducing Lacework Edge

A new data-driven approach to secure users and networks

Vikram Kapoor, Co-Founder, CTOMay 29, 20249 min read

Security threats impact every part of an organization, from cloud services to employee devices. In my conversations with security experts and CISOs, I often hear that they're overwhelmed with the sheer volume and complexity of potential vulnerabilities and attack vectors. With over 90 percent of attacks originating from phishing and compromised employee endpoints, it’s crucial to have a comprehensive security strategy that secures every access point. Legacy VPNs and security tools can no longer sufficiently address these issues. That’s why, for nearly three years, we have built a unique security service edge (SSE) solution entirely from the ground up.

Today, Lacework is proud to introduce its latest innovation: Lacework Edge. Our new SSE offering signals our continued commitment to protecting users and applications, extending our renowned security expertise beyond the realms of cloud and code. Lacework Edge ensures secure access for users and devices to all applications while safeguarding their data.

What is Lacework Edge?

Lacework Edge is a proxy-based cloud-native solution designed to provide end-to-end zero trust connectivity. It secures access to internet, private, and SaaS applications by evaluating the risk of each connection request using real-time user and device context. This replaces the need for traditional network security tools like VPNs and multiple point products.

Lacework Edge secures access to internet, private, and SaaS applications by evaluating the risk of each connection request using real-time user and device context.

Legacy SSE offerings often have performance issues because they rely on legacy infrastructure and stitching together multiple point products. Lacework Edge enhances performance and user experience with its unique architecture and a single user interface. Edge’s built-in risk-based user behavior analytics helps create dynamic risk profiles and enables automated responses. Its cloud-native architecture ensures global availability, while a unified interface simplifies its use. Continuous monitoring and real-time workflows improve security, delivering higher ROI through efficient threat detection and response.

“As we recognized a growing need for organizations to secure the many access points in their networks, we set out to provide them with a solution. Lacework Edge is the newest launch on our platform designed to keep businesses moving fast by holistically securing their environments from edge to cloud.”

Trevor Welsh, VP Product Management, Lacework

What network security use cases are fulfilled by Lacework Edge?

Traditional networking and security architectures, which rely on firewalls, VPNs, and cloud-based virtual security applications, have become outdated. In today's environment, the workforce is distributed, and applications have moved beyond the data center to SaaS and public clouds. These traditional network security models are inadequate for securing users and applications in this new landscape. They are complex, expose large attack surfaces, and do not align with the zero trust model.

See Lacework Edge in Action

Ensure secure, zero trust access to all private and SaaS apps from any device, anywhere

Secures access to private applications

Edge Secure Private Access is a VPN replacement solution that revolutionizes how private datacenter applications and sanctioned SaaS applications are accessed. Unlike VPNs, instead of just providing network access, it isolates app access from the network with zero trust access. It also leverages risk-based user behavior analytics to create dynamic risk profiles, enabling automated responses and significantly reducing risks by ensuring only authorized and authenticated users can gain access. By using outbound connections, it also hides network and app infrastructure, protecting IPs and sensitive data.

With built-in app segmentation, access is customized for each user, boosting security even more. This user-to-app approach moves away from traditional network security models, effectively turning the internet into a secure corporate network where access is tightly controlled and threats are minimized.

“Before adopting Edge, we used a leading SSE vendor for zero trust cloud security and large file transfers. With Edge, we’ve improved our file transfer performance by 20X, from roughly 900 kilobytes per second, to about 20 megabytes per second.”

Scott DeVita-Carlow, Head of IT Infrastructure, Velo 3D

Secures internet access

Lacework Edge takes secure browsing to the next level with its advanced secure web gateway (SWG) capabilities. It offers tools like DNS reputation checks and malware detection, ensuring you can access the internet safely. By spotting and blocking malicious DNS requests and malware threats, it makes sure your browsing experience stays secure. Plus, with Edge's SWG capabilities, organizations can enforce web filtering policies, tackle shadow IT, and spot any unusual or suspicious activity. 

Secures data 

Lacework Edge enables document monitoring within commonly used ecosystems like Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and Dropbox. The solution can track who has access to what documents and also model who should have access to them, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure. For example, when a user shares an internal document with an external Gmail address, Lacework Edge can immediately detect, alert, and remove this permission.

What makes Edge a better SSE platform?

The concept SSE or zero trust based security has been around for over a decade. However, legacy SSE vendors often cobble together point products and rely on unreliable private data centers or virtual machines for their services, which limits scalability and performance. Lacework Edge stands out from other SSE platforms for several reasons, starting with its inline and cloud-native architecture and its ability to provide risk-based or behavior-based access. Here are some of the key features that set it apart:

1. Risk-based access

Utilizing advanced user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), Lacework Edge proactively detects threats and builds comprehensive risk profiles. Dynamic risk scores enable continuous decision-making, adapting to emerging security challenges.

2. Performance and experience

With a geographically distributed, cloud-native architecture, Lacework Edge ensures exceptional performance and availability for users worldwide. Its user-friendly interface offers seamless plug-and-play functionality, promoting operational efficiency while enhancing security posture.

3. Real-time and inline workflows

Lacework Edge introduces a new capability called inline workflows, which automatically verify and action processes — using user behavior, risk, and business policies in real-time. These integrate directly within the access flow to enable secure resource access. Using inline automated response capabilities to facilitate step-up authentication requests and user workflows significantly reduces the mean time to detect/respond while improving end-user experience.

Intercept attacks earlier with Lacework Edge

Lacework Edge represents a big shift in SSE, intercepting attacks earlier in the attack lifecycle and offering unparalleled risk-based security and performance with its architecture. It works seamlessly with the Lacework platform and streamlines investigations by providing users with the ability to conduct full root cause analysis (RCA). 

As a cloud-native solution rooted in zero trust principles, Lacework Edge sets a new standard for security, ensuring holistic protection across data, devices, and posture.

Lacework Edge represents our commitment to providing comprehensive, end-to-end security solutions that address the modern challenges faced by organizations in an increasingly interconnected world.

Join us to see Lacework Edge in action. Register here for the upcoming product tour.  

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