Edge Secure Private Access

Risk-based zero
trust access

Securely access all private and SaaS applications from any device, anywhere. No legacy footprint. No VPN tunneling. Just scalable cloud-based security.

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Replace VPNs

Overcome VPN limitations with granular access controls and enhanced security for remote users and devices

Reduce shadow IT

Control access to unauthorized apps, improving visibility, compliance, and security posture

Reign in SaaS sprawl

Centrally manage SaaS access to simplify administration, unify policies, and enhance security

Get visibility and control

Leverage user and device risk scoring for precise access controls and proactive security measures

Replace VPN with zero trust

  • Gain secure access to both SaaS and legacy applications for users and devices in any location
  • Eliminate traditional data center complexities with a cloud-native architecture
  • Streamline access management with centralized policy enforcement and visibility

Grant access based on behavior and risk

  • Map user behavior across locations, devices, and resources with inline, automated UEBA capabilities
  • Find risks in real-time by pre-processing and normalizing log data to detect anomalous behavior
  • Adjust access privileges in real-time based on user behavior and risk levels with dynamic access controls
  • Continuously manage access controls to address evolving security risks

Monitor performance and user experience

  • Optimize operations with fewer alerts, better performance, and actionable insights
  • Easily see performance issues and client access issues in a centralized dashboard
  • Analyze trends over time and implement recommendations for continuous improvement
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“Before adopting Edge, we used a leading SSE vendor for zero-trust cloud security and large file transfers. With Edge, we’ve improved our file transfer performance by 20X, from roughly 900 kilobytes per second, to about 20 megabytes per second,”

Scott DeVita-Carlow | Head of IT infrastructure

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"One of the biggest challenges we had was access control to our secured environments. We're a cloud first company, but we also have offices and labs worldwide. What really caught our attention on Lacework Edge was that it was so easy to deploy in our multiple offices."

Jenson Ho | Head of Infrastructure Engineering & IT

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How does zero trust access replace traditional VPNs?

Zero trust access can replace traditional VPNs by providing more granular, context-aware security controls. Unlike VPNs, which grant broad network access, zero trust enforces strict identity verification and least-privilege access to specific resources, enhancing security.

What type of applications are secured by Edge Secure Internet Access?

Edge Secure Internet Access secures all private applications in a datacenter and sanctioned SaaS applications in cloud.