The three things we are so excited about at AWS re:Inforce 2024

Erin K. BanksJune 11, 20243 min read

AWS re:Inforce is always an exciting conference for us at Lacework. The big tech topic this year, without a doubt, is generative AI. There are so many amazing things we can do with generative AI, and we are just getting started. Take, for instance, our new offering, Lacework AI Assist, which we announced last year. Every day, we are helping our customers understand their cloud environment and how they can address and remediate their alerts. Cloud security is hard and we are here to help. We would also love the opportunity to talk with you about all our technology, including our code security and CIEM solutions. Here are the top three ways to find out about Lacework and how we can help you go further, faster in your AWS cloud.

1. Theater presentation on June 11th at 11 am ET

Aaron Kornhauser, Senior Director of Global Partner Solutions Engineering, will be discussing how, in today’s innovation cycle, organizations are looking for new ways to build and grow in the cloud securely. We believe the power of generative AI provides organizations with a different approach to security. We build technology that allows you to effectively detect and respond with greater insight and context that fosters a culture where security enables rather than inhibits innovation. Join this session to learn how Lacework and generative AI help customers navigate regulatory mandates and adapt to ever-changing risks and threats to unlock the possibilities of innovation in the cloud.

2. Security LIVE! recording on June 12th at 1:50 pm ET

Tim Chase, Lacework Field CISO, will be meeting with the hosts to talk about the fact that artificial intelligence is not new and Lacework has been using the technology to help our customers tackle their cloud security challenges for years. What is exciting in this day and age is that we are finally using these next generation technologies to truly help organizations innovate, securely. It is the security innovation that is driving the secure innovation. DevSecOps is finally evolving and using the modern technologies to not just build secure code but to let the “machines” identify the vulnerabilities within the code, letting the “machines” do the heavy lifting so people can get back to reducing toil and driving better business outcomes. You can even see this in the current regulations that are calling for threat detection within the regulatory frameworks. It is not just about risk, it is about the threats that will stop organizations in their tracks. If you can not attend the conference, you can watch this event live at

3. Lacework booth, #421

Come by our booth #421 and say hi! If you are new to Lacework it's a great opportunity to see our technology in action and to talk to us about the challenges you are facing and how we can help you address them. We love our customers too so come by and let us know what you love about Lacework. 

If you are not able to attend AWS re:Inforce this year in Philadelphia, but still want to get your hands on the platform, feel free to sign up for our free trial available through the AWS Marketplace.

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