A new era of security in the cloud

Lacework brings AI-powered cloud innovation to 750,000 global customers as we enter into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Fortinet

Lacework EditorialJune 10, 20244 min read

Nearly ten years ago, we embarked on a mission to revolutionize cloud security, and today, we’re thrilled to announce an extraordinary milestone in our journey. Lacework is entering into a definitive agreement to be acquired by Fortinet – a move that catapults us into a new era of scale and expansion. 

Transforming cloud security at global scale

Lacework was founded on a bold idea: cloud security is a data problem. From day one, we’ve invested in pioneering advanced technologies like machine learning and AI, anomaly detection, and behavioral analytics to solve for the scale, speed, and complexity of the cloud. Our journey has always been about solving real-world problems for cutting edge customers.

With Fortinet, we’re joining forces to bring our leading cloud-native security vision to more than 750,000 customers worldwide as they transform their businesses through the power of the public cloud.  

Fortinet and Lacework are united by a common vision: delivering comprehensive security solutions that address the modern demands of digital transformation. Together, we’ll provide robust protection for users, networks, devices, data centers, and the cloud.

Innovation built from the ground up

Lacework has a proud and proven heritage of innovation – it’s a part of our DNA. Look no further than our 200 patents and applications with nearly 90% related to machine learning and AI. Our leadership has been unmatched and recognized by industry analysts and customers alike. Here’s a look at some of our proudest achievements over the last year alone: 

  • Code Security: Addressing code security and cloud security as a single continuum that spans the entire software lifecycle to fix costly mistakes sooner
  • Smart Fix: Saving developers time by automating and accelerating third-party security fixes
  • Lacework AI Assist: Helping teams understand and action security alerts with personalized context with the power of generative AI
  • Enhanced user experience: Simplifying cloud security and risk management with new and improved features like Lacework Explorer and Dashboards

Our customers: the true cloud pioneers

The cloud has unlocked new opportunities to accelerate business and innovation. But with it, it’s also brought security challenges that necessitate new thinking and a bold embrace of modern security practices. From cloud-native leaders like Airbnb and Klaviyo to enterprises like LendingTree and Verifone, our customers have trusted us to lead the way in securing what’s next.

To our customers, we thank you. We celebrate this milestone with immense gratitude. Your commitment to our shared vision and the invaluable feedback you’ve given us has guided us every step of the way. With this acquisition, we’re more excited and well-resourced than ever to build the next chapter of comprehensive security solutions together. 

End-to-end security for the modern enterprise

This new chapter brings unparalleled benefits to Lacework customers. With the integration of our AI-driven security operations for the cloud into Fortinet’s portfolio, our customers will have the added benefit of the scale and expertise of our combined platforms. 

“Both Fortinet and Lacework are driven by a culture of innovation and integration,” said Ken Xie, Founder, Chairman of the Board, and CEO at Fortinet. “By integrating Lacework's leading AI-powered cloud security platform, we're enhancing our Security Fabric platform to offer customers an even more comprehensive solution. This acquisition reinforces our commitment to delivering consistent security across on-premises and cloud environments.”

Combining Fortinet’s network and data center security capabilities with Lacework cloud security offerings will enable the modern enterprise to manage risk and reduce threats across the entire IT landscape. Harnessing the power of integrated datasets will unlock risk assessment of increasingly sophisticated attack paths to give companies the ability to invest their time remediating the biggest risks with the least amount of effort. 

What’s next?

Our commitment has always been centered around solving customers' problems while bringing new and necessary innovation to cloud security. With our acquisition, this commitment remains the same. 

Backed by Fortinet’s proven industry leadership and expertise, Lacework customers will benefit from access to Fortinet’s global reach, scale, and resources while continuing to leverage the Lacework products you’ve come to know and love.

To learn more, read the official press release here. Interested in learning about Lacework? Watch our on-demand demo or start our free trial to see our AI-powered cloud security in action.


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