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The data-driven leader in CNAPP

Customers, analysts, and the industry agree: Lacework leads when it comes to cloud-native application protection platforms.

See why security and IT teams choose Lacework

We asked our most loyal clients, and these are the benefits that they can’t talk enough about.

Eliminate redundant tools and waste

Our average client is able to get rid of between 2 to 4 tools while gaining better visibility into their cloud, workloads, and containers.

Automate manual security tasks

Allow Lacework to do the heavy lifting. Using machine learning & automation, our platform will detect and alert you on the threats that matter.

Scale security capabilities

Give your team the tools to do more in a fraction of the time without wasting resources on endless false positives.

What features Lacework users can’t live without

Rules optional approach

Rule-based methods aren’t good enough. Get 100x fewer false positives — without a single rule in sight through advanced data analysis

Contextualized, high-fidelity alerts

We collect and analyze massive amounts of data that provide the appropriate level of info and context

Connects all your accounts

Lacework connects seamlessly to all your cloud accounts, services, CI/CD pipelines, and workloads