Container security from build time to runtime

Discover vulnerabilities, detect threats, and demonstrate compliance in your dynamic container environment.

eBook: Secure Your Containers

The rise of containers and the challenge of securing them

Containers have led to flexibility, speed, and cost savings. However, their nature creates complexity and often leaves security teams playing catch-up.

Do you lack complete visibility into host and container activity?

Containers are dynamic, making it challenging to track and understand their short-lived behaviors, and even more difficult to understand the container security impact.

Are container misconfigurations multiplying quickly with orchestration?

Orchestration systems make it easy to deploy new containers rapidly, but security issues are deployed along with them if they’re not caught early.

Are you spending too much time investigating way too many alerts?

Investigations take too long — often 20+ minutes per alert — and with hundreds of alerts per day, potential security threats go unexamined.

Is relying solely on rules to detect threats becoming unproductive?

It’s cumbersome and frustrating to maintain rules to detect threats, and it’s impossible to keep up with ever-changing attack profiles.


A Guide to Container Security

Containers have become one of the most important tools for software development, with container adoption growing 70% in the last two years.

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A Guide to Container Security


Turning container complexity into secure visibility

Providing you with the industry’s most innovative cloud security posture management (CSPM) and cloud workload protection platform (CWPP) support, so you can secure your containers with ease and build faster.

From impossibly complex to manageable

Quickly understand your container environment and get visibility into the issues that need to be addressed first.

From security blocker to business enabler

Confidently publish secure container images to meet compliance requirements, accelerate development efforts, and unlock revenue.

From uncertainty to awareness and threat detection

Reduce your container attack surface by taking advantage of Composite Alerts and preventing vulnerable containers from deploying into production.


Cloud container security made easy

Lacework delivers a native container security solution, reducing the attack surface and detecting the threats that matter.

Container security at build time

Lacework helps companies build more secure container applications by:

  • Providing full visibility into all of the containers spread throughout your environment.
  • Uncovering vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across host OS, container images, and containers before they are deployed.
  • Prioritizing cloud container security issues so you know what will cause the most concern for your environment and which fixes will make the most impact with the least effort.

Detect container vulnerabilities and threats at run time

Understand complex container risks better with:

  • A comprehensive view into all container activity, including new applications and configuration file changes.
  • A baseline of container and host activity and alerting on unusual behaviors.
  • Tracked user activity behavior and privilege changes within containers.
  • Misconfigurations and compliance violation alerts in production.
  • Critical file change monitoring.

Streamline investigations and compliance reporting

Make teams exceptionally efficient through:

  • Reducing alert volume and increasing scan surface with composite alerts.
  • Making container behavior simple to understand with Polygraph® visualizations.
  • Giving you the who, what, why, when, and where of each alert.
  • Providing comprehensive compliance reports and benchmarks to address auditor, customer, and leadership questions.