Lacework Extends its Data-Driven Approach to the Security Service Edge with Lacework Edge

New Security Service Edge product extends its reach and helps organizations catch bad actors earlier in the attack cycle

May 29, 2024


Mountain View, California – May 29, 2024 – Lacework, the data-driven security company, today announced the release of Lacework Edge — a new security service edge (SSE) product that extends the Lacework data-driven platform’s security prowess from securing code to cloud, to now securing users and networks at the edge. 

Lacework Edge is a proxy-based, cloud-native product that provides end-to-end zero-trust connectivity by leveraging contextual data to make continuous risk based access decisions. It secures access from any user or device to internet applications, private data center applications, and SaaS applications while also securing their data. Replacing traditional VPNs, network security appliances, and point products, Lacework Edge provides a single, consolidated interface solution that drives ROI through improved security, performance, and user experience.

“Before adopting Edge, we used a leading SSE vendor for zero-trust cloud security and large file transfers. With Edge, we’ve improved our file transfer performance by 20X, from roughly 900 kilobytes per second, to about 20 megabytes per second,” said Scott DeVita-Carlow, Head of IT infrastructure at Velo 3D

While traditional SSE offerings have limited performance due to legacy infrastructure and poorly consolidated point products, Lacework Edge is built on the massively scalable and reliable global networks of cloud service providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Leveraging the Lacework portfolio of over 200 patents and applications in AI/ML behavioral anomaly detection, Lacework Edge calculates risk and behavior analytics in real-time and tracks assets to inform access decisions, reduce tickets, and truly protect the business, even at the edge. With 90 percent of attacks originating from phishing and compromised employee endpoints like laptops — now greatly heightened by generative AI — this zero-trust based SSE product is critical in securing users and applications in the cloud. 

“We set out to build Lacework as a modern, data-driven, AI-based platform that can constantly adapt to take on security’s greatest challenges. Lacework Edge is the newest launch on a platform designed to keep businesses moving fast by holistically securing their environments from edge to cloud,” said Vikram Kapoor, CTO of Lacework.  

Built on superior visibility and behavioral analysis that is core to the Lacework platform, Lacework Edge also applies innovative features, such as automated inline workflows and advanced risk analysis, that are critical for edge computing use cases. With its unique approach and proactive security measures, Lacework Edge is poised to revolutionize the SSE landscape. 

“I would recommend Lacework Edge to other companies searching for an effective and user-friendly remote access and security solution,” said Josiah Hackerott, Lead IT Administrator at DCI. “It has helped us transform visibility, security, stability, and access control for our organization.” 

Taking a proactive approach to security, Lacework Edge intercepts attacks earlier in the attack life cycle, making it very compelling to both new and existing Lacework customers. It works seamlessly with Lacework’s core platform and streamlines investigations by giving the ability to conduct full Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Its robust architecture, rooted in zero-trust principles, enhances security by eliminating inherent network trust and significantly reduces the risk. Moreover, Lacework Edge offers comprehensive control over data, devices, and posture, ensuring a holistic approach to security.

“By using Lacework Edge at Tia, we've actually been able to decrease inherent and residual risk across our organization for multiple years,” said Brett Gailey, CISO at Tia

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