Point solutions can leave you hanging

Go beyond security shortcuts. Catch cloud risks and locate any active threat in seconds – without writing a single rule.

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Get more value from a single data-driven platform

Threat detection

Spot active threats instantly. Yes, even unknowns.

Our patented data ingestion engine creates a baseline of “normal” behavior, against which we continuously monitor your runtime for all abnormalities.

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Gain alert priority based on your unique cloud. Not someone else’s.

Through continuous monitoring, our platform builds a deep knowledge of your cloud environment. Then we pinpoint your specific needs.

Vulnerability monitoring

Know what’s actually happening and why. No surprises.

Need vulnerability discovery? Security posture management? Compliance? IaC security? We do that too. In one platform.


See how our platform can spot unknown threats

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See how our platform can spot unknown threats

Lacework grows with you. Just like the cloud

Implement at your own pace
More cloud ≠ more confusion
Make the most of your team
Implement at your own pace

We built our platform, knowing that every cloud journey is different. We will meet you where you are today and move where you want to go tomorrow.

More cloud ≠ more confusion

With Lacework, cloud expansion won’t mean more headaches. You will maintain visibility from build time through runtime, whichever way you scale.

Make the most of your team

Your security team works smarter with our platform. With automation and data, security is an enabler of innovation — not a detractor.

See why Forrester estimates a 342% ROI over three years with Lacework

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“Lacework helped us deal with this firehose of information that we were getting out of our cloud environments, almost out of the gate. We were able to go from a couple of hundred alerts a day down to just a handful. I’m talking less than 5 — so to go from 200 to 5 is a massive jump.”

John Turner

Senior Security Architect