Entitlements Management and Threat Detection for Simplified Cloud Security

Explore how Lacework CIEM helps customers easily manage cloud identities and their associated permissions

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From identity crisis to identity control

Time to get identities in order. Know what users can do and understand what they need. Then fix critical risks without breaking anything

Lacework Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

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Lacework Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Find out how to reduce cloud identity risk by knowing your users and their access.

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Reduce Cloud Identity Risk

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Reduce Cloud Identity Risk

See how Lacework can help companies gain control over identity-based risks and threats.

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Meet 1:1 with a security pro

More visibility and control with less effort

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“I feel comfortable knowing we have very few blind spots in our cloud environment. Lacework stretches our visibility so far that I feel I can see everything.”

Kevin Tham


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“We want to make sure that everything in our cloud environments is visible, and that we can audit it. Lacework has helped with both visibility and auditing, which has really allowed us to grow and mature, and enabled our teams to generate value.”

Steve Lukose

Director of Security Engineering

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“With the reports generated by the Lacework dashboard, we can easily see what resources are compliant, what resources are not compliant, and what we need to do to achieve compliance.”

Jay Rawal

DevOps Engineer

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