The most advanced AI-powered
cloud security platform

Reduce risks and stop threats fast with the power of ML/AI. Developer and security teams collaborate and accelerate with a unified CNAPP.

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Secure your entire cloud from one place

Stop costly mistakes at the source

Stop costly mistakes at the source

Empower developers to fix risks before they hit production with software composition analysis (SCA), static application security testing (SAST), infrastructure as code (IaC) security, inline vulnerability scanning, and more.

Code Security Infrastructure as Code Security Vulnerability Management

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Reduction in alerts

See why Lacework leads in cloud security

Correlate data from across your cloud

Interconnected insights
Behavior-based threat detection
Complete cloud security in minutes
Interconnected insights

No more siloed data. Our CNAPP automatically connects the dots across build time and runtime to provide unrivaled risk context.

Behavior-based threat detection

Our CNAPP visualizes your cloud’s relationships, baselines normal behavior, and flags concerning changes — no configuration required.

Complete cloud security in minutes

With Lacework, operationalizing security is a breeze. Flexible deployment options and pre-built integrations get you up and running fast.

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“We want to make sure that everything in our cloud environments is visible, and that we can audit it. Lacework has helped with both visibility and auditing, which has really allowed us to grow and mature, and enabled our teams to generate value.”

Steve Lukose

Director of Security Engineering

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“Lacework helped us deal with this firehose of information that we were getting out of our cloud environments, almost out of the gate. We were able to go from a couple of hundred alerts a day down to just a handful. I’m talking less than 5 — so to go from 200 to 5 is a massive jump.”

John Turner

Senior Security Architect

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“Lacework will enable me to build and operationalize a world class security organization. We value the partnership, and Lacework is the nucleus of our program.”

Paul Groisman

Director of Security

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