Complete protection. Powered by data.

One platform to
secure your clouds

Know your clouds and see their biggest flaws with the data-driven CNAPP. Empower teams with unparalleled context to fix security issues faster. All from a single unified platform.


Unleash the power of data to
protect your clouds

Lacework was founded on a core belief: better security starts with data. We built a revolutionary behavior-based machine learning engine, supported by over 100 patents with data at its core. Designed to deliver on our vision for better, more secure clouds.


More data means unmatched cloud visibility

We continuously collect data throughout the entire application lifecycle. We capture data for configurations, permissions, vulnerabilities, attack paths, secrets, runtime activity, and more. We leverage both agent and agentless technology to maximize coverage and deeply understand your attack surfaces.

More data means unmatched cloud visibility


Correlate disparate security data sets for powerful insights and pinpoint accuracy

We connect the dots to uncover your environment’s riskiest vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. Our Polygraph behavioral engine is always learning to evolve your baseline and detect anomalies. With features like attack path analysis and custom risk scoring, our platform shows you exactly where to focus.

Correlate disparate security data sets for powerful insights and pinpoint accuracy


Investigate and respond to issues faster from a single platform

Get smarter security and empower your teams to investigate, collaborate, and act quicker. Break down silos with a consolidated, actionable source of cloud security truth. Clear priorities. Better context. Faster resolution.

Investigate and respond to issues faster from a single platform
The Lacework Advantage

Protect what matters most with a smarter approach

Point solutions add up and introduce security gaps. Legacy tools struggle to keep up with demands for innovation. Modern security is about working smarter, not harder.

Complete data collection: agent and agentless

Use a combination of data collection technologies to provide the depth and breadth needed to protect your clouds from build to runtime.

A single platform from the start

Before CNAPP had a name, we had a vision. Automated security, all in a single platform. With Lacework, customers consolidate 2-5 security tools on average.

Shift left and keep your developers happy

Security should be an enabler, not a blocker. Our platform reduces alerts 100:1 and provides clear, actionable context so teams can fix issues quickly.

The data-driven leader in CNAPP

Customers, analysts, and the industry agree: Lacework leads when it comes to cloud-native application protection platforms.

Top 100 Software Companies

Extremely helpful in terms of security and notification

"My overall experience is pretty good. Using Lacework I get Cloudtrail notification email and that really helps."

— Senior DevOps Engineer

Miscellaneous Industry

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I can’t imagine managing infrastructure security and compliance without Lacework

"I can’t pick just one thing. The team at Lacework is incredible – they are easy to work with, proactive, and always ready to help. Installing their agents on all of our servers and connect services like AWS CloudTrail was a breeze and shortly after we did we were able to get valuable insights almost immediately."

— Francois D.

Director of Engineering

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Lacework is a versatile platform that provides unprecedented cloud visibility

"Lacework is a fantastic product. From sales to support they make the process to adopt the platform easy. The platform provides incredible visibility into cloud environments for the three major cloud service providers."

— Senior Director, Information Security Operations

Finance (non-banking) Industry

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