Cloud security in the golden age of gaming

As gaming’s popularity soars, games of all types are growing more sophisticated – unfortunately, so are cybercriminals.

Game on: Don’t play around with cloud security

Virtual games with real threats

Cyberattacks can halt game development, delay new releases, and compromise player data, causing lost revenue and reputation damage.

Can you spot vulnerabilities and misconfigurations?

Fix your riskiest vulnerabilities before an attack. Continually assess applications to provide developers the guidance needed to fix them.

Are developers evaluating code before it’s shipped?

Build secure gaming applications from the start so you don’t have to worry about launch delays or downtime.

How do you detect attacker activity?

It’s important to identify actual attacker behavior and quickly take action to stop it before it causes real, long-lasting damage.

Do your compliance reports satisfy auditors?

Proactively look at risk and compliance so you can know what’s happening in your environment, prove compliance, and pass audits.


Secure your gaming development pipeline with Lacework and AWS

Join Lacework and Amazon Web Services (AWS) as we discuss how to secure your gaming software development pipeline end-to-end on AWS cloud.

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Secure your gaming development pipeline with Lacework and AWS


Effective cloud security for gaming companies

Whether replacing cloud native tools or leveling up your current security solution, Lacework protects your cloud investment and lets you focus on what matters.

Work less and play more with automation

Automated cloud security and machine learning saves time, reduces noise, and turns millions of data points into prioritized actions.

Accelerate product development and deployment

Empower developers to incorporate security throughout the game production in the cloud (GPIC) lifecycle and ensure code is secure before it’s shipped.

Protect against all threats – known or not

See beyond known threat feeds and identify anomalies that indicate compromise in your cloud accounts and workloads, before the unthinkable occurs.

Simplified compliance reporting for the win

Continuous configuration change tracking, daily audits, and clear dashboards help you prove your security posture and maintain compliance.

Effective cloud security for gaming companies


Data-driven security from build to runtime

We start by detecting threats and vulnerabilities in your cloud environment. Then, we give you the data you need to take the next step.

Develop securely

  • Receive automatic Infrastructure as Code (IaC) evaluation for critical compliance and configuration issues
  • Analyze IaC with each commit and pull request
  • Remediate common misconfigurations with contextual guidance and automated fixes
Effective cloud security for gaming companies

Collect continuously

  • Gather terabytes of data down to the process and container level
  • Get complete asset inventory across projects and services via layered agent and agentless approach
  • Continuously observe vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and behavior of users, apps, files, APIs, processes, and networks
  • Collect and surface the relevant security data from AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure logs
Effective cloud security for gaming companies

Detect automatically

  • Automate anomaly detection with Polygraph® Data Platform to surface unknown threats using machine learning
  • Identify vulnerabilities from build to runtime
  • Uncover cloud misconfigurations and compliance violation indicators
  • Identify unknown vulnerabilities and active threats in frequently changing serverless and containerized environments, including Fargate and Kubernetes
Effective cloud security for gaming companies

Respond efficiently

  • Set your sights on the most critical risks to know what actions will provide maximum benefit
  • Speed investigation time with context-rich alerts
  • Streamline compliance with predefined reports to address compliance violations
  • As you grow, integrate with ticketing, messaging, SIEM, and more to swiftly solve issues
Effective cloud security for gaming companies