Why Polygraph® technology

The revolutionary way to use your data to automatically find what matters most across your cloud environment.


Find the truth across your cloud

Stop guessing. Start solving. Put your data to work for you — without the manual effort.

Freedom from rules

Relying on rules to find what’s bad doesn’t scale in the cloud. And finding the unknowns is even harder. Focus on more impactful work than writing rules.

High fidelity alert reduction

Break out of alert fatigue and the cycle of chasing false positives. Use anomaly-based detection to quickly surface what matters most.

Speed investigations

Lack of context leads to time-consuming investigations. Empower your teams with the right context to take fast action.


A look inside Lacework cloud security platform

Learn how the revolutionary Polygraph uses data to find what matters most across cloud environments.

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Do you know what’s going on in your cloud?

We provide the visibility needed to innovate with confidence, while reducing security risks.

From static rules to ML-based anomaly detection

Stop worrying if you’ve written all of the rules needed to secure your cloud. Detect known and unknown threats with fewer rules.

From hundreds of alerts to the handful that matter

No more wading through alerts trying to find what matters. Eliminate alert fatigue and stop wasting time on false positives.

From inefficient investigations to more automation and context

Enable your security and DevOps teams to resolve issues faster and more efficiently. Gain the full context of an event in one place.


Automation to see and understand cloud changes at scale

Our security platform learns what’s normal behavior in your cloud environment so you can quickly spot threats.

Data collection: Agent and Agentless

Ingest massive amounts of data continuously

  • Collect data through agentless and agent-based methods.
  • Gather hundreds of terabytes of data down to the process/container level.
  • Stream data about your applications, APIs, files, processes, services, users, networks, and more.

Data collection: Agent and Agentless

Analyze using a patented form of autonomous machine learning

  • Automate anomaly detection with machine learning and behavioral analytics.
  • Learn your unique environment and constantly monitor.
  • Recognize normal, expected functions.
  • Uncover new, suspicious activity automatically.

Detect known and unknown threats with ease

  • Surface unexpected changes you should pay attention to most.
  • Reduce alerts 100:1.
  • See visualizations of all connections to make investigations faster.
  • Review the who, what, when, where, and why for any event.

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“Lacework is one of the best security partners that we work with. The Polygraph Data Platform brings everything into one place, it’s not piecemeal. The Platform not only consolidates tools but saves us a lot of time and money.”

Russell K

Information Security Engineer

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“Our application teams use Polygraph visualizations to quickly debug communication issues that took hours, and sometimes days, for us to find before. The platform helps us to untangle complex communications, sometimes coming out of legacy systems, so we can figure out where to improve or where we might have a bottleneck.”

John Turner

Senior Security Architect

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