New AWS Account Factory Customizations automates AWS account onboarding into Lacework

Lacework EditorialNovember 28, 20222 min read

Abstract architectural photo shot from the ground. Features a lot of modern windows and steel.The Lacework® and Amazon Web Services (AWS) partnership is rooted in integrations, teamwork, and simplicity. We are thrilled to continue that partnership alongside AWS and its announcement of the launch of Account Factory Customizations (AFC) at re:Invent 2022. This new offering will allow customers to deploy a Control Tower blueprint for one or multiple regions as new AWS accounts are created or enrolled under Control Tower Management. This integration automates registering the newly created AWS Account with Lacework, thereby enabling deeper insights and a strong cloud security posture in your cloud environments.

Together, our goal is to ensure your cloud implementation is secure and delivers value. Driven by the AWS Shared Responsibility Model, which separates security into two focus areas, the cloud provider and you, Lacework understands the importance of sharing in that responsibility. 

What does this mean for you? 

The Polygraph® Data Platform delivers comprehensive and continuous end-to-end AWS security and configuration support for both workloads and accounts running in AWS. As more organizations move their critical workloads to the cloud, there is an increasing need for a single, unified solution like our Platform to identify, analyze, and report on misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and behavioral anomalies in user and account behavior. Now, when you add an account with AWS Control Tower Account Factory, it kicks off automation to add the AWS account to Lacework. Easy as that! With Lacework and AWS Control Tower, enrolling a new AWS account now means security best practices and monitoring are automatically applied consistently across your organization. Account administrators can seamlessly add the Lacework Polygraph Data Platform for security auditing and monitoring to AWS accounts. 

AWS and Lacework make it simple

The Lacework Polygraph Data Platform on AWS simplifies overall security management while quickly and automatically delivering visibility and actionable insights that truly matter to you. Move rapidly from development to production to keep your AWS environment even safer with a platform purpose-built for agile, adaptive, and data-driven operations on the cloud. The Platform allows you to build in additional security for your cloud up front without having to be an expert, freeing you up to focus attention on the areas where you are needed most.

We are delighted to be a Platinum sponsor at AWS re:Invent. Come see us in booth #3305 and learn more about all our integrations by visiting


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