Lacework and AWS celebrate new partnership milestones

Erin K. BanksNovember 29, 20234 min read

Today is a big week for Lacework and Amazon Web Services (AWS) — we have FOUR exciting partnership announcements while we’re here at re:Invent. 

But before we dive into those, let’s look back at our code security launch two weeks ago. It was an incredible week for Lacework and now, we’re keeping that energy and innovation going. If you missed it, check out our launch blog.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming… AWS re:Invent. This week, we’re continuing to showcase the strong partnership between AWS and Lacework with new achievements together: our Lacework assistive AI technology integration with Amazon Bedrock, our AWS Built-in Competency, our AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) Service Ready designation, and the launch of Marketplace SaaS Quick Launch.

Launching Lacework AI Assist with Amazon Bedrock

We all know how difficult it is to hire in the cybersecurity industry. The struggle is real and finding ways to augment your staffing needs is one of MANY ways that generative artificial intelligence (AI) is helping organizations. Today, Lacework is launching AI Assist, our assistive AI technology that we developed internally to help our customers that are looking to augment their security, improve and level up their skills, and help them gain insights faster. If you would like more information on this capability, read our launch blog or view our on-demand demo


I am excited to see the GenAI capabilities that Lacework is bringing to the platform. This functionality will help my teams, both technical and non-technical, with evidence gathering. It will assist with questions that the teams may not have the time and resources to perform research on, as well as explaining impacts to our overall compliance. I foresee this product dramatically speeding up our ability to understand and close alerts.

Patrick Linnane, Senior Director, Information Security Operations at Emburse

We were able to build this integration with Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes foundational models from leading AI companies–as well as Amazon–available via API. This integration deepens the relationship with AWS and builds on the technical work collaboration between Lacework and AWS. For more information, feel free to read our Lacework AI Assist feature brief.

Attaining the AWS Built-in Competency

This AWS competency gives us the opportunity to let prospects and customers know that we built our cloud security solution to include foundational AWS services that help customers achieve scale, simplicity, and operational cost control in their cloud. By streamlining the integration process with foundational AWS services like Amazon GuardDuty, AWS CloudTrail, and AWS Security Hub, customers can decrease risk, reduce operational overhead, and provide consistent observability in cloud environments. 

Achieving AWS EKS Service Ready designation

Amazon EKS Ready Partners are certified in providing a cloud security solution with complementary capabilities for containers, networking, storage, security, or management to customers in both use cases, on premises, and on AWS. 

Through our partnership with AWS, these launch partners have validated the Lacework Polygraph® Data Platform for its technical validity, and solidified our position as an industry leader for Amazon EKS and EKS Anywhere (EKS-A).

Launching Marketplace SaaS Quick Launch

Quick Launch is a new deployment option for software-as-a-service (SaaS) products in AWS Marketplace. It enables customers to reduce the time and resources required to configure, deploy, and launch the Polygraph Data Platform through the AWS Marketplace. Quick Launch streamlines the SaaS configuration and deployment process on AWS by offering guided, step-by-step instructions and quick deployment of minimum resources using pre-configured CloudFormation templates in AWS Marketplace. 

This feature provides customers with the ability to trial and/or buy Lacework via the AWS marketplace and stay in the AWS environment to provision the Lacework platform. Additionally, the CloudFormation templates that are used to deploy the Lacework platform have been validated by AWS against the latest AWS security standards and hosted in AWS repositories. This adds a level of trust to our offering that enables customers to deploy securely and with peace of mind.


Lacework launched our free trial this year. The minute we integrated with the SaaS Quick Launch solution the process for our customers became increasingly easier and with less impact on their environment. Additionally, the CloudFormation templates that are used to deploy our solution have been validated by AWS and are hosted in their repositories. This adds a level of trust to our offering that enables customers to deploy with security and peace of mind. We only wish we had this solution earlier.

Adam Leftik, VP of Product at Lacework

If you would like to see our code security and Lacework Assistive AI technology in person, and you are at AWS re:Invent, stop by our booth (#688). If you are not attending, we are currently offering a 14-day free trial available through the AWS Marketplace

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