The future of cloud security

As we close out the year, we want to share some of our latest research and cloud security predictions to arm you with the insights you need to get a head start on 2022.

On-demand webinar

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We’re also excited to announce that Lacework raised the largest funding round ever for a security company with $1.3 billion. This enables us to deliver transformative security to help you protect your entire cloud environment in 2022 and beyond. Join us for this live webinar as we discuss:

  • The top 5 predictions for cloud threats in 2022 based on recent trends
  • How to let your data do the security work
  • Ways to interlace security throughout the development process
  • How to empower security and developer teams with automation to securely build at scale in the cloud

Featured Speakers

Ulfar Erlingsson

Ulfar Erlingsson

Chief Architect , Lacework
Mark Nunnikhoven

Mark Nunnikhoven

Cloud Strategist , Lacework