Shifting security left to scale security for modern software development

How does your organization navigate the friction between build time speed and security?

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In the August 2022 ESG report Walking the Line: GitOps and Shift Left Security, 68% of surveyed IT and cybersecurity decision makers and application developers admitted that investment in developer-focused security solutions is a priority. But where to begin?

Join Melinda Marks — Sr. Analyst at ESG Research and primary author for the study as she does a deep dive into the study data and discusses:

  • The need for shift left security
  • The challenges of shifting left
  • Opportunities to shift left at scale
  • Key takeaways from the study

Unlock the webinar and learn how other companies are achieving both development speed and security.

Featured Speakers

Melinda Marks

Melinda Marks

Senior Analyst , ESG
Meg Diaz

Meg Diaz

Vice President, Platform and Solutions Marketing , Lacework