Pre Zero-Day Threat Detection – The business perspective

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Get ready to explore the nature of zero-day attack vectors and their historic impact on companies from startups to enterprises.

Can we predict the future? We’ll explore this question to uncover ways to reduce business risk by looking beyond hypothetical cloud security and investigate real-life scenarios.

In addition, we’ll delve into the widely-used “shift left” approach and what end-to-end cloud and application security looks like in a complex world.

And lastly, you will hear from Saagar Patel, Head of Infrastructure & Security at UniDays as he shares insights from his cloud security journey, from recognizing the problem to how he selected a vendor, and the business outcomes he is seeing with Lacework.

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Featured Speakers

Ryan Sheldrake

Ryan Sheldrake

Field CTO , Lacework
Saagar Patel

Saagar Patel

Head of Infrastructure & Security , UNiDAYS