How the cloud breaks traditional security approaches

Change is the only thing constant in today’s modern and dynamic cloud environments (think auto-scaling instances, APIs, microservices, and Kubernetes clusters being spun up, to name a few).

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More noteworthy rather, is the lack of change we’re seeing when it comes to taking on a new approach to cloud security. The traditional approach of writing rules to define bad or suspect behaviors simply doesn’t work for modern organizations. Humans can’t write rules fast enough to keep up with changes in the cloud, and logs + network data force too much guessing, you must understand the entity relationships as well.

Join us for this webinar featuring cloud security aficionado, Abner Germanow as he covers:

  • The “Spiderman Problem” of cloud service adoption
  • Cloud instrumentation, mapping, and why network data fails you
  • How and why writing rules to set a policy doesn’t scale
  • Cloud account security and developer-driven innovation
  • How the perennial security talent shortage and DevOps collide