Harness your data with Lacework and Amazon Security Lake

Data-driven security builds efficiency, saves money, and creates better customer experiences. Discover how together Amazon Web Services and Lacework are helping organizations to stay competitive and achieve growth with Amazon Security Lake.

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Download this solution brief and learn how organizations can centralize data management for greater visibility and insights into their cloud environment. AWS is simplifying the process of ingesting data from on-premises, cloud sources, and security providers like Lacework with the introduction of Amazon Security Lake, a purpose-built data lake. Security Lake automatically normalizes AWS logs and security findings to help you harness the power of your cloud data.

Learn how to:

  • Effectively collect, process, analyze, and interpret data using the integration between Lacework and Amazon Security Lake
  • Improve visibility across your organization to better protect workloads, applications, and data
  • Understand security findings about software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and known and unknown threats across your AWS environment