IDC Spotlight: Five steps for CIOs and CISOs rethinking CIEM

Is identity the new security perimeter? IDC Research digs into cloud infrastructure entitlement management (CIEM) and lists five steps to regain cloud identity control.

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Overprovisioned cloud identities are quickly becoming a top concern for security teams. According to Microsoft, more than 50% of cloud identities have super admin access and 80% of machine identities in the cloud are inactive. This creates an environment in which cybercriminals can easily operate.

Cloud entitlements, both human and machine, need to be managed to reduce the risk of lateral attacker movement, malicious insider threats, or unintended employee negligence.

This latest IDC Spotlight can help. Download to learn:

  • CIEM solution trends and benefits
  • How to control costs and prevent entitlement sprawl
  • Five steps for CIOs and CISOs to regain control of cloud identities