Akoova bolsters its cloud security posture, slashing alert noise by 90%

Lacework is a partner that is always thinking about improvement, and consistently demonstrating their ability to deliver.

Zachary Stevens, Chief Architect, Akoova

Akoova provides K-Hosting, a fully-tailored, automated, and highly-scalable cloud platform for Magento hosting of supreme ecommerce brands. K-Hosting was designed as a production-grade solution built on AWS and closes the gap between clients and developers via collaborative problem-solving and knowledge sharing.


  • Prevent exploits so e-commerce businesses avoid compromises — and financial loss
  • Avoid repetitive work by standardizing security strategy across customers’ environments
  • Minimize time spent tuning rules with more effective signal-to-noise ratio


  • Seamlessly onboarded customer accounts and deployed Lacework across entire environment
  • Allowed even casual users to explore data in an easy-to-use interface
  • Reviewed alerts easily with improved signal-to-noise ratio


  • Reduced alerts by 90%, surfacing less than two critical alerts per day
  • Strengthened compliance posture to meet crucial e-commerce standards like PCI DSS
  • Saved time on writing rules with automation from Lacework