Lacework Announces Complete Security Platform to Secure Development and Runtime Environments

Cloud and container security leader now extends host-based configuration and compliance solution with Shift Left strategy

June 20, 2019


Mountain View, Calif. – June 20, 2019 –  Lacework®, the industry’s first solution to deliver complete security at scale for cloud and container environments, today announced the addition of build-time security capabilities to complement existing run-time platform for cloud, container, and hybrid environments. With this update, the Lacework Complete Security Platform will “shift left” to provide complete security and compliance visibility across the entirety of an enterprise’s infrastructure footprint — from development to runtime, and for cloud, container, bare metal, and hybrid environments.

This move comes as more organizations adopt DevOps and a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) approach to application development and delivery in order to rapidly scale to meet business demands. The desire to move quickly creates security gaps that can lead to data leaks, ransomware, crypto mining, and a variety of other types of issues that can leave an organization’s data exposed and vulnerable. Lacework now provides the most complete security platform across build-time and run-time environments so developers can apply a diversity of tools to enable productivity and speed in an effort to meet changing business needs.

“Customers can’t effectively secure complex environments with a stack of security tools,” said Dan Hubbard, CEO of Lacework. “Shifting left is about integrating security into every aspect of the lifecycle of cloud-native workloads, irrespective of where they are developed and deployed. Enterprises move quickly and they require a solution that is complete, continuous and automated.”

The addition of DevOps security into the Lacework Complete Security Platform means that enterprises can leverage a single solution that can identify security vulnerabilities and threats throughout the data and application lifecycle. As attackers seek to exploit weaknesses within infrastructures as they grow in surface area, the Lacework Complete Security Platform will provide unique visibility, immediate threat detection, and remediation capabilities.

“The market today offers a variety of point solutions to address security needs of specific elements of the IT infrastructure – such as cloud compliance, network endpoints, application orchestration, or vulnerability detection, among others — or rely on a rules-based approach to configuration validation and other security requirements,” continued Hubbard. “We will apply our unique intrusion detection approach to detect behavioral anomalies for all DevOps, cloud, and container configurations and events.”

Lacework is the global leader in automating threat defense, intrusion detection, and compliance for cloud workloads and containers. The company’s lightweight agent provides visibility to all processes and applications within an organization’s cloud and container environments. The breadth and depth of visibility help detect vulnerabilities and then uses Lacework’s machine learning analysis to identify anomalous behavior that poses threats. To learn more about the company and the Lacework Complete Security Platform, please visit

Lacework will be at AWS re:Inforce on June 25-26 In Boston, where they will be demonstrating the Lacework Complete Security Platform in booth 542.


About Lacework
Lacework delivers a complete security platform for the entire IT infrastructure, from DevOps and orchestration environments, to cloud and hybrid workloads. Unlike conventional security tools built for static datacenters, Lacework is designed to self-adapt to the cloud’s ever-changing configurations to provide visibility and intrusion detection that helps enterprises keep their data and resources safe. Based in Mountain View, California, Lacework is a privately held company funded by Sutter Hill Ventures, Liberty Global Ventures, Spike Ventures, the Webb Investment Network (WIN), and AME Cloud Ventures. Find out more at

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