Lacework’s Partnerships & Integrations Establish Foundation of New Cloud Security Stack

Native Integrations Across Security and Cloud Ecosystems with Key Partners Deliver Effective Security for Cloud Deployments and Expand Lacework Zero-Touch Approach to Security

July 25, 2017


Mountain View, Calif. – July 25, 2017 – Lacework, the industry’s first zero-touch cloud security solution, today announced a range of partnerships across the security and cloud ecosystems as critical building blocks of a security stack natively adapted to cloud deployments in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and private clouds.

Organizations transitioning to modern data centers and cloud-based environments must reevaluate their security investments, yet leverage tools, processes and skills already in place. Lacework’s partnerships with threat and reputation feeds, security information and event management (SIEM) vendors and event management systems, extends the company’s zero-touch security approach and delivers a solution that matches organizations’ need for speed and scale when migrating to the cloud.

“Collaboration and integration are vital to the security industry. The scale of cloud deployments – thousands of entities that create billions of events every hour – is forcing the redesign of many security best practices,” said Jack Kudale, CEO, Lacework. “We are proud to partner with cutting-edge vendors to fulfill our commitment for a zero-touch cloud security platform that detects breaches faster, shortens incident investigation and provides overall better governance of cloud environments.”

In addition, Lacework continues to deepen its integration with the environments it protects with full support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, virtualization technologies and container-based runtime architecture such as Docker that are increasingly being deployed in private or public clouds.

Specific partnerships and integrations include:

  • Threat data and IP reputation feeds, vulnerability databases: Lacework identifies malicious IP addresses and DNS services by integrating with a number of external threat feeds that provide reputation services. Communication with a known-bad IP address will trigger an alert. Lacework’s partnership with ReversingLabs, who created and maintain the world’s largest repository of deep information on both goodware and malware, delivers continuous protection against advanced malware. “The severity of breaches and the volume of compromised records are reaching new heights every year,” says Mario Vuksan, CEO of ReversingLabs. “We are delighted to empower our joint customers to help them raise the bar for cybercriminals while they protect their cloud deployments by automatically checking all files involved in cloud communications against the rich ReversingLabs data.”
  • Alerting systems: Lacework integrates with PagerDuty, Slack, Splunk, and VictorOps to let security teams use the tools and workflows they are familiar with to manage incidents, in addition to the Lacework Polygraph visualization for rapid investigation of alerts. The speed of response is paramount when dealing with security and operational incidents. Integration with Lacework provides a unified console with one-click access to incident insights accelerating joint customers’ ability to address incidents in cloud deployments. 
  • Monitoring, Log management, and SIEM solutions: Lacework integrates with New Relic and Splunk to feed behavioral insights into these platforms to help customers monitor and manage security incidents. Having an integrated security stack can help reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to, and investigate security threats, and Lacework’s integrations with New Relic and Splunk aim to help companies tackle the complexities involved with cloud deployment.
  • Google Chrome Plugin: Using the plugin, security staff can investigate applications, users, or DNS activity and view detail insights captured by Lacework from the application they are most comfortable with.

Since its launch, Lacework has grown to protect more than 75,000 instance-hours of cloud workloads daily. You can experience Lacework’s revolutionary Polygraph visualization and threat detection technology today with the 14-day free trial. Within two hours, you will have a complete view of all entities in your cloud and their normal and abnormal activities.

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About Lacework
Based in Mountain View, California, Lacework is the industry’s first zero-touch, cloud security platform that provides breach detection, insider threat management, workload insights, and investigation analysis. Polygraphs, Lacework’s flagship offering, has been built to significantly compress the breach detection cycle, reduce false positives, provide high precision alerts, and simplify investigation analysis. Lacework’s solution provides security for dynamic datacenter, cloud and container workloads without requiring any policies, rules or manual tagging. Lacework automatically discovers customers’ workloads, VMs, containers, applications, and users, along with their interactions, by creating Polygraphs.

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