Lacework Promotes Cyber Expertise in the Boardroom with the Third Edition of The Modern CISO Network: Board Book

Spotlighting board-ready cybersecurity talent with nearly 250 global security executives included in latest edition and Chief Information Security Officer event at NYSE

June 13, 2024


Mountain View, California – June 13, 2024 – Lacework, the data-driven security company, today announced the release of the third edition of The Modern CISO Network: Board Book. This publication, first launched in June 2023 with a second edition in December 2023, aims to address the critical cybersecurity knowledge gap in corporate boardrooms by highlighting board-ready security leaders. Each subsequent edition has featured a greater number of CISOs than the previous one, highlighting the recognized need for this type of resource in the security community.

Cybersecurity expertise is now a non-negotiable requirement for corporate boards. As companies increasingly rely on digital technologies and move their operations to the cloud, protecting their assets and data has become critical. However, recent research reveals that only 12% of S&P 500 companies have board directors with cybersecurity credentials. The situation is even more concerning in the Fortune 500 and Russell 3000, where just 9% and 8% of companies, respectively, have directors with cybersecurity experience.

"In a world where cybersecurity incidents are in the news almost daily, ensuring executives and board of directors have access to robust cyber expertise is crucial,” said Rinki Sethi, Vice President, CISO and Chief Information Officer at BILL. “This knowledge empowers them to make informed decisions that safeguard an organization's digital assets, foster customer trust, and drive long-term business resilience.”

While new regulations like the SEC's federal cybersecurity compliance requirements are a step in the right direction, compliance alone is not enough. To effectively protect their assets and data, companies must have cybersecurity expertise embedded at the highest levels of leadership. This means including Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) on their boards. Boards operating in multinational companies will also need to adhere to additional regulations such as the NIS2 directive and the DORA regulation, which further emphasize the need for strong cybersecurity measures and management accountability.

Recognizing the urgent need for cybersecurity expertise in the boardroom, the third edition of The Modern CISO Network: Board Book highlights with nearly 250 board-ready cybersecurity leaders. CISOs possess the deep understanding and hands-on experience necessary to develop and maintain resilient security programs. By having a seat at the table, they can ensure that cybersecurity remains a top priority and that companies make informed decisions and investments to protect their businesses. 

New additions to this edition include CISOs from organizations such as:

  • Rite Aid
  • BILL
  • Nextdoor
  • The Lubrizol Corporation
  • Swimlane
  • And more

Modern CISO Network Reception at NYSE

In support of this goal, Lacework is hosting the Modern CISO Network Reception at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from 3:15 PM to 7:15 PM ET today. This exclusive event will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from a panel of seasoned board members, discover strategies to secure board positions, and connect with fellow CISOs during a networking mixer.

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