Multicloud and hybrid cloud security

Whether you’re using AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, or a hybrid cloud, benefit from continuous protection, threat detection, and configuration support.


Multiple clouds, one solution

Manage threats and secure your accounts across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure — all in one exceptional platform.

Is increased activity creating problems?

Continue to meet business needs by reducing complexity, and ensure you can innovate securely, with speed.

Are you sick of digging through too many reports?

Efficiently monitor your entire multicloud environment through a single, centralized portal that gives you insight into every alert, event, and log.

Are outdated, costly tools slowing you down?

Maximize your time and budget by consolidating tools, streamlining resources, and automating security processes in one specialized platform.


Data powers our multicloud solution

With comprehensive cloud account security for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and hybrid environments, Lacework identifies threats and vulnerabilities across your whole environment.


  • Support AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Kubernetes, and hybrid environments.
  • Get complete cloud account asset inventory via agentless approach.
  • Get data on cloud workloads via agent.
  • Continuously monitor user, app, process, and network behavior, plus vulnerabilities and cloud configurations.


  • Uncover threats like escalation of privileges with patented Polygraph® anomaly-based approach.
  • Discover vulnerabilities in build time and run time.
  • Find cloud misconfigurations like exposed assets.
  • Identify when cloud best practices and compliance requirements are not met.


  • Eliminate alert fatigue and surface only the most critical risks.
  • Respond quickly with context-rich visualizations and notifications.
  • Create detailed reports for compliance.
  • Get precise information to integrate with ticketing, messaging, SIEM, and workflow applications to accelerate developer action.


Simplify and secure, continuously

Lacework minimizes risk in your multicloud environment by identifying configuration issues and monitoring accounts for abnormal activity.

From configuration issues to remediation

Find and remedy Identity and Access Management (IAM) vulnerabilities, monitor unauthorized API calls, and confirm secure network configurations.

From manual effort to efficient automation

Automated checks identify IAM users without multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled, exposed data, misconfigured security groups, and more.

From compliance concerns to continuous checks

Daily audits of your entire cloud infrastructure can quickly pinpoint changes that impact your compliance posture and teach you how best to remediate.

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“Lacework enables us to easily scale our cloud security with an anomaly-based host intrusion detection system that operates at the host-level.”

Avinash Raju

Principle Security Engineer

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