Lacework Alliances

Technology and cloud partnerships work toward solving their customers’ need for innovation and optimization.

True partnerships

Our alliance partnerships provide integrated vulnerability and compliance security solutions across multi-cloud configurations to scale and optimize our customers’ needs to scale and optimize their existing environments.

Why become a Lacework alliance partner

Lacework has increased investment in our partners as we accelerate our growth and success within our partner programs.

Exclusive access

Dedicated sales representatives, partner enablement, and marketing resources.


Accelerate your growth and expand your market share.


Integration investment in your technology.

Cloud Service Providers

Accelerate cloud consumption and modernization.

Lacework partners with AWS to augment and bring automation to the security capabilities available natively on AWS. Lacework zero-touch cloud security can be applied to:

  • AWS CloudTrail events to secure AWS accounts and monitor their activity
  • Production environments to monitor users, apps, processes, containers, VMs, and machines for security incidents.
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Lacework helps Google customers apply automated, end-to-end security and configuration solution that monitors threats for workloads and accounts in Google Cloud and across multicloud and containerized environments.

Lacework provides automated, comprehensive threat detection and deep insights into workloads and accounts that run in Azure and multicloud environments.

Lacework customers get comprehensive threat detection for Kubernetes dashboards, pods, management nodes, and clusters, in addition to end-to-end security for their public cloud infrastructure workloads, accounts, and containers.

Technology Partners

Provide customers complete solutions that innovate and optimize their environments.


Secure, Accelerate, Innovate: Buildkite and Lacework deliver robust security for CI/CD pipelines, empowering teams to innovate faster and safer.


AppDynamics is an application performance management and IT operations analytics company based in San Francisco. The company focuses on managing the performance and availability of applications across cloud computing environments as well as inside the data center.

Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Lacework works with the CNCF and its members to provide security for projects on including Kubernetes, Prometheus and Envoy, fostering collaboration among security teams, developers, end users, and vendors.


Lacework helps organizations keep their container-based application architecture secure by monitoring the activity of containers deployed in the cloud, along with users, apps and processes, machines and workloads.

New Relic

Having an integrated security stack can help reduce the amount of time it takes to respond to and investigate security threats. Lacework’s integration with New Relic aims to help companies tackle the complexities involved with cloud deployment.

Bringing together the power of Lacework and New Relic


Lacework integrates with PagerDuty, the app used by modern ITOps and DevOps teams to monitor stacks and improve operational reliability and agility. Lacework integrates with the PagerDuty application to send incident alerts with rich contextual information, streamlining the incident management process.


Lacework partners with ReversingLabs, who deliver the world’s largest repository of deep information on both goodware and malware, to deliver continuous protection against advanced malware. Communication in your cloud with a known-bad IP address will trigger an alert, allowing you to avoid breaches.


Lacework integrates with Slack, the app preferred by modern teams for real-time messaging, archiving, and search. Lacework works with the slack application to send alerts on pre-defined channels, helping security and Ops teams use their existing workflows to manage security incidents.


Lacework provides seamless integration with Snowflake to share data in both directions for a faster and more secure experience in the cloud.

Supercharge your SecOps with Lacework and Snowflake


Splunk produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data, via a web-style interface. Splunk makes it possible to use any kind of data for real-world action at machine speed. When you bring data to everything, anything is possible.


Tine is no-code automation for security teams. The world’s best companies – from startups to the Fortune 10 – trust Tines to powerfully manage their mission critical workflows, automatically responding to and remediating events in real time.

Tugboat Logic

Tugboat Logic by OneTrust demystifies compliance by automating critical tasks like policy management and audit readiness. It offers the most comprehensive library of standards and regulations to scale with businesses as their InfoSec programs evolve.


The Lacework and Securiti strategic partnership focuses on providing customers with cloud security and data security posture management (DSPM) end-to-end. Ensuring organizations can protect sensitive data in the cloud with the ability to identify their highest priority risks.


Winning Together

Tines logo

“We know that Lacework is the best in the business for detecting signals from the noise and prioritizing threats. We’re excited to partner with Lacework to empower modern security teams to streamline performance with best-in-class automation.”

Charlie Ardagh

Head of Partnerships

New Relic logo

“With New Relic and Lacework, engineers get to the root cause of application and infrastructure security issues faster, in one place. This empowers DevOps and security teams with more time to do what matters most – build amazing software.”

Buddy Brewer

GVP & GM, Product Partnerships