Red Canary and Lacework

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Winning Together

Red Canary integrates with Lacework cloud security platform to ingest alerts and event data to extend our MDR capabilities to the cloud. Our team of human experts powered by automation help you identify and respond to threats faster while reducing alert fatigue. With this partnership, Red Canary can offer Lacework customers greater threat detection and response as we monitor and correlate events across their entire security stack – from endpoint to cloud.

5x increase in confirmed threats identified

Red Canary’s team of security experts perform round the clock threat research to build our own threat intelligence platform and custom detectors that help us identify threats that others miss.

99.9% decrease in false positives

Our Advanced Detection Engine analyzes alerts and correlates that information across your security stack to remove false positives and reduce alert fatigue.

10x reduction in mean-time-to-response (MTTR)

Red Canary’s team of Detection Engineers analyze, triage, and investigate potential threats while our Incident Handlers are on call 24/7 for proactive security guidance helping organizations respond quicker to emerging threats.

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“Detecting and responding to the unique threats that cloud environments face is a challenge for organizations of all sizes. That’s why we at Red Canary partnered with Lacework, a leader in cloud security. The visibility and alerting gained through Lacework’s Polygraph Platform gives defenders like us a fighting chance at protecting data and workloads in the cloud.”

Chris Rothe

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer